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Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Second Annual  

Epigenomics in Disease  

Above the Genome - Underlying Disease

February 15-18, 2015 | Moscone North Convention Center | San Francisco, CA
Part of the 22nd International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 


It is now universally recognized that dysregulation of the regulatory layers above the genome—namely the epigenome consisting of DNA methylation, histone marks and non-coding RNA—is directly involved in producing aberrant gene expression leading to disease. With advances in sequencing technologies, drivers and mechanisms of disease initiation are being unraveled, and a more holistic view of the interplay between the genome and a very active epigenome is taking shape. Importantly, these findings form inextricable causal links between our underlying genome, the regulatory epigenome, and the functional (disease) consequence stemming from both. The Epigenomics in Disease meeting is designed to highlight the interplay between genome-epigenome-disease, while exploring the profound opportunities of applying epigenomic analysis for diagnostics and personalized treatment. 

Who should attend: Executives, Directors, Clinicians, Managers, Group Leaders, Researcher Scientists from Pharma, Biotechs, Academia, Government and Healthcare Organizations working in fields such as Epigenetics, Epigenomics, Diagnostics, Research & Development, Cell/Molecular Biology, Oncology and Neurological Disorder Research

Topics may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Epigenomics and underlying mechanisms in complex disease and development (focus on cancer/stem cells and neurology)
  • Applications of NcRNA, DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation in pre/neonatal and cancer diagnostics
  • Epigenetic marks and their functional significance (focus on DNA methylation)
  • Mechanisms of DNA/histone methylation and histone acetylation leading to disease
  • Chromatin dynamics and long-range regulatory control
  • Disease Models for Epigenetic Research 
  • Epigenetics in therapy resistance 
  • Bioinformatics: data analysis, interpretation and visualization of epigenomic data
  • Sequencing and high-throughput technologies for epigenomic research 

If you would like to submit a proposal to give a presentation at this meeting, please click here.

The deadline for submission is July 18, 2014. 

All proposals are subject to review by the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the highest quality of the conference program. Please note that due to limited speaking slots, preference is given to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, regulators and those from academia. Additionally, vendors/consultants who provide products and services to these biopharmaceutical companies are offered opportunities for podium presentation slots based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships. 

For more details on the conference, please contact:
Kip Harry
Conference Director
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
T: (+1) 781-972-5454
E: kharry@healthtech.com  

For partnering and sponsorship information, please contact:
Jon Stroup (Companies A-K)
Manager, Business Development
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
T: (+1) 781-972-5483
E: jstroup@healthtech.com 

Joseph Vacca (Companies L-Z) 
Manager, Business Development
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
T: (+1) 781.972.5431
E: jvacca@healthtech.com 



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