Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual

Genomics & Sequencing Data Integration, Analysis and Visualization

Deriving Insights and Relationships from Big Data Sets to Advance Research and Patient Health

March 10-11, 2016 | Hilton San Francisco Union Square | San Francisco, CA
Part of the 23rd International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference


The eruption of high-throughput genomic and proteomic technologies over the last two decades has motivated the development of tools and methodologies to transfer and integrate data into large-scale bioinformatics database platforms and repositories. The surge of biological data being collected has increased the need for standardized workflows, integrated solutions, economics of scale in the cloud, security and compliance in the cloud especially as genomics becomes more integrated with precision medicine initiatives, and tools to visualize and analyze the data. The third annual Genomics & Sequencing Data Integration, Analysis and Visualization Symposium will present concrete use cases in life sciences where analysis and visualization of big data have made a difference in science decisions. Thought leaders will discuss the trends in genomic data, big data analytics, and translational informatics and how dealing with data complexities has advanced research and patient health.

Preliminary Agenda

Driving Data Integration and Analytics: Dealing with Data Complexities

Evolution of a Genomics Data Ecosystem: Efficient NGS Data Tracking, Processing, Integration and Results Sharing

Lihua Yu, Ph.D., Director of Bioinformatics, H3 Biomedicine, Inc.

Benchtop Sequence Analysis: Empowering Bench Scientists and Clinical Investigators to Analyze Big Data through Web Interfaces

Dave Barkan, Ph.D., Investigator, Infectious Diseases, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

Bioinformatics in the Amazon Cloud

Brad Dispensa, Senior Solutions Architect, SLED, Amazon Web Services

Lessons Learned Scaling Up Analysis for Thousands of Samples Using Amazon Web Services

Ravi Madduri, Fellow, Computation Institute, University of Chicago; Project Manager, Math and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Lab

Patient Mediated Data Integration and Donation without Violating HIPAA

Anil Sethi, CEO, Founder, Gliimpse


Integration and Visualization of Diverse Data Sets

Power to the People: Annotation, Analysis and Visualization for Systems Biology and Precision Medicine Using Crosstalker

Mark Chance, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Center for Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics, Case Western Reserve University

Softwares and Computational Platforms to Integrate Diverse Genomics and Epigenomic Datasets

Duygu Ucar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Genomic Medicine, Jackson Laboratory

Using Public Molecular Measurements to Drive Discovery of Biomarkers and Therapeutics

Rong Chen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Genome Informatics, Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences, Icahn Institute of Genomics and Multiscale Biology

New Gene-Level Sequencing Approaches to Identify Disease Causing Mutations

New Gene-Level Approaches to Identify Disease-Causing Mutations in Next Generation Sequencing Data of Patients

Yuval Itan, Ph.D., MRes, Postdoctoral Associate, Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases, The Rockefeller University

Mitochondrial Function, Mutation, and Diseases

Zhenglong Gu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics, Cornell University

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