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2013 Archived Content

Conference Programs

Molecular Diagnostics

Personalized Diagnostics

Cancer Molecular Markers

Circulating Tumor Cells

Digital Pathology - NEW

Companion Diagnostics - NEW

Mastering Medicinal Chemistry

Cancer Biologics

Clinical and Translational Science

Oncology Clinical Trials

Clinical and Translational Science

Clinical Sequencing - NEW

Bioinformatics in the Genome Era

Integrated R&D Informatics and Knowledge Management

Cancer Molecular Markers

Circulating Tumor Cells

Predictive Pre-clinical Models in Oncology - NEW

Oncology Clinical Trials

Cancer Biologics


Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Next Generation Pathology

Genomics in Medicine

Quantitative Real-Time PCR

Short Courses

SC1 Identification, Characterization and Targeting of Cancer Stem Cells

SC2 Roadmap for Accelerating Commercialization of Molecular Diagnostics

SC3 Understanding EMT: Mechanisms and Metastasis to MET

SC4 Network Pharmacologys

SC7 Latest Advances In Molecular Pathology

SC8 Best Practices in Translational Informatics

SC9 Pharmacology and Drug Discovery in the Allosteric World

SC10 Digital PCR Applications and Advances

SC11 CTCs from Bench to Bed: Streamlining from Research to Clinical Practice

SC12 First-in-Human Study and Risk Mitigation Strategy for Biologics

SC14 Adaptive Oncology Clinical Trials

SC15 Latest Advances In Molecular Pathology, Part II (Advanced)

SC16 Ontologies for the Bio-Science Industry: Development & Use

SC17 Mastering Physicochemical Properties-Based Analysis to Deliver Improved Drug Candidates

SC18 Regulatory Approval of a Therapeutic & Companion Diagnostic: Nuts & Bolts

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