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Final Agenda 


Translational Science 

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(SC3) Best Practices in Translational & Personal Medicine 


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Thursday, February 24 



8:25 Chairperson’s Remarks: Francesco Marincola, NIH

8:30 Immune Responsiveness in Humans & How it Applies to Translational Research

Francesco M. Marincola, Ph.D., Chief, Infectious Disease and Immunogenetics Section (IDIS), Department of Transfusion Medicine, Clinical Center, Associate Director, Trans-NIH Center for Human Immunology, National Institutes of Health     

This talk will approach translational science from a new angle: the immune system. How can understanding the immune response in humans help translate to new drug discovery and development? Examples & strategies will be presented.

9:00 Translational Medicine in Practice: Working Across Organizational Divide to Bridge Discovery and Development

Hong I. Wan, Ph.D., Translational Medicine, BioTherapeutics Clinical Programs, Pfizer, Inc.

Translational medicine strategies are becoming increasingly significant and integral parts of today’s pharmaceutical development. Pragmatic and appropriate use of biomarkers facilitates clinical decision making. Adequate investment and close collaborations within the organization are critical to the success of biomarker strategy. Public-private partnerships are key drivers to elevate biomarker research in major disease areas.

9:30 What can TM Deliver for Healthcare in 2015...in 2020? How do we Make it Happen?

Christopher Milne, Ph.D., Associate Director, CSDDR; Assistant Professor, Public Health & Community Medicine, Tufts University Medical School

The prospects of a new pathway for the R&D enterprise to achieve a new level of technical, commercial, and scientific productivity entails examining the steps that academia, government and industry must take, both independently and interactively, to enable TM to fulfill its promise.

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10:00 A Novel Intracoronary Device to Resolve the Complexity of Atherosclerosis Through Localised Biomarker Data
Richard Owen, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, PlaqueTec LtdPlaqueTec's device measures intracoronary biomarker gradients in a manner that negates patient to patient variation thereby offering actionable data for surrogate end points and potential new druggable targets for atherosclerosis and CVD.

10:30 Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

11:30 Biomarkers in Translational Medicine: From Data Points to Decision-Making Tools

Thierry SornasseThierry Sornasse, Ph.D., Director, Translational Medicine, Biomarker Integration, Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Biomarker discovery and development is a crucial component of any therapeutic area’s drug development. The role of biomarkers in translational medicine from the information/knowledge management point-of-view will be presented.


12:00 Today’s Merck: Driving Innovation and Translational Science Through Successful Partnering

Linda Egger Linda A. Egger, Ph.D., CLP™, Senior Director, Franchise Licensing Integrator, Diabetes & Obesity, Merck & Co., Inc. 

Merck’s approach to partnering includes a commitment to a strong internal research capability and a continued investment in innovation. We leverage this capability by openly collaborating with the best partners to develop a portfolio of external early-stage partnerships/joint research programs as an integral component of our global research strategy to drive innovation and translational science.


12:30 Expert Panel: 

Can the Pharmaceutical Industry Collaborate on Drug Development Like it Has Done in the Field of Pre-Competitive Biomarker Initiatives?

Moderator: Thierry Sornasse, Ph.D., Director, Translational Medicine, Biomarker Integration, Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

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1:00 Luncheon Presentation II: In- and Out-Sourcing of Medicinal Chemistry
Metabolomics: A Tool for Early Detection of Toxicological Effects and Biology Based Grouping of Chemicals 

Bennard van Ravenzwaay, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Experimental Toxicology & Ecology, BASF SE, Metanomics Health GmbH, metanomics GmbH 

During a 5 year cooperation we have jointly developed the MetaMap®Tox data base, which contains the metabolome profiles and toxicological information of approximately 500 data rich compounds. These are specific for different toxicological modes of action.

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1:45 Ice Cream Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall




2:15 Chairperson’s Remarks

2:20 Bringing it All Together so the Sum is Greater than the Parts: Effective Knowledge Management in Translational Medicine

Erik PerakslisEric Perakslis, Ph.D., Vice President, R & D IT, Johnson & Johnson

The focus would be the social engineering and leadership capabilities that are essential for successful translational science. These include incentive structures, traversing data domains, hypothesis generation and testing developmental strategies.


2:50 Using Systems Biology to Accelerate Oncology Drug Development

Matthew Onsum, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

A review of how Merrimack used mathematical models of a cancer signaling pathways with biomarker measurements to identify cancer indications that would have a proportion of responders to our lead oncology drug. These simulations were used to prioritize our clinical development plans.


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Caprion Proteomics
3:20 Highly Multiplexed (>500 protein) Mass Spec-Based MRM Assays
Daniel Chelsky, Ph.D., CSO, Caprion Proteomics, Inc.Quantitative, sensitive, and specific protein assays are now possible on a large scale with MRM mass spectrometry. Assays on this scale open up new possibilities in biomarker discovery and validation in toxicology, disease monitoring and drug efficacy.


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3:50 Refreshment Break & Poster Awards in the Exhibit Hall

4:30 Pre-Competitive Translational Informatics—From Theory to Practice

Sandor Szalma, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, R&D Informatics, Centocor R&D Inc. 

The development of a translational medicine informatics infrastructure has been the underpinning of the translational research strategy of the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson. This infrastructure has been built based on open-source platforms and is now forming the basis of pre-competitive sharing and mining of clinical and associated molecular profiling data.

5:00 Data Management Challenges in Translational Medicine

Isobel Anderson, Ph.D., Lead, Global TAU, Discovery Information, AstraZeneca

The integration of clinical and discovery data is key to a successful translation medicine strategy. In addition to the technical challenges there are issues of data sharing, data standardization and consent. Here we discuss the relative merits of different approaches that have been implemented at AstraZeneca to make the right data accessible to all our researchers.

5:30 Building a Translational Informatics Vision

Sorena Nadaf, Director, Translational and Biomedical Informatics, CIO, HDFCCC Translational Informatics, University of California, San Francisco

Dealing with the era of Molecular Medicine requires cutting edge information available at the fingertips of healthcare professionals. Building such a Translational Research environment depends upon an Informatics footprint that can bring these avenues together. Translational Informatics provides the answers.

6:00 Close of Day

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