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Recorded at: Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

Digital Course: Building an Ontological Framework from Drug Discovery to Clinical Data


Order DVD2011 SC9 DVD About this Product:
Ontologies are increasingly used to formally specify objects and their relations in biological and medical domains and to drive modeling, integration, and analysis of data from genomics, proteomics, drug research, disease, treatment, and electronic health records.

This digital course is aimed at informatics practitioners in the biological sciences, and pharmaceutical and health care industries who are responsible for setting up and maintaining data resources covering multiple domains, and at information managers who seek to familiarize themselves with ontology driven data integration and analysis in the health care and life sciences.


Bonus Footage 

This digital course includes two bonus presentations including: “Deconstructing the Drug Development Process: The New Face of Innovation” and “To the $1,000 Genome — and Beyond” 

About this Product:
1 Presentations
Over 56 Slides
158 Minutes
Individual Copy: $345
Site License: $1380

Agenda At A Glance: 

The course will be presented in three parts: 

  • Introduction to basic concepts in ontology development
  • Overview of ontology resources
  • Discussion of the use of an ontology in combination with linked data in a translational medicine scenario.

No prior knowledge in ontologies or data modeling is required.
Practical examples of ontologies development and use will be presented throughout the course.

Benefits & Key Take Aways
Get a better understanding of the strengths of ontology driven data integration, management, and analysis.
Obtain practical insights on how to use ontology development tools and ontology resources.
Learn how to contribute to and benefit from open linked data projects and collaborative ontology development efforts.

Course Outline
Semantic web, concepts and tools – a brief overview
Basics of ontology development and the Protégé ontology editor
The Health Care and Life Sciences Ontology landscape
Use of ontology resources
Collaborative ontology development and data sharing
Case study: the Translational Medicine Ontology

Elgar Pichler Elgar Pichler, Ph.D., Computational Biologist, Boston
Dr. Pichler has worked as a bioinformaticist in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for over 10 years. He is interested in the computational analysis of drug discovery processes and health care scenarios and consults on knowledge management and data modeling in these areas. He is also an active member of the W3C Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group and contributes to open source ontology and linked open data projects.


Bonus Footage:
This digital course includes two bonus presentations including:  “Deconstructing the Drug Development Process: The New Face of Innovation” delivered by Kenneth Kaitin, Ph.D., Director, Tufts Center for Study of Drug Development and “To the $1,000 Genome — and Beyond” delivered by Kevin Davies, Ph.D., Author, The $1,000 Genome; Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT World. These two talks were presented as part of the Plenary Keynote at the Molecular Med Tri-Conference.

Deconstructing the Drug Development Process: The New Face of Innovation
Kenneth Kaitin Kenneth Kaitin, Ph.D., Director, Tufts Center for Study of Drug Development
For over 30 years, the Center for the Study of Drug Development at Tufts University has documented the increasing challenge of bringing new pharmaceutical products to market. To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, research-based drug and biotech companies must not only maintain their focus on R&D efficiency and output, but they must also be able to adjust to a rapidly changing and highly volatile R&D environment. In this presentation, Dr. Kaitin will use Tufts CSDD data to document the current status of pharmaceutical R&D and explore new models of innovation.

To the $1,000 Genome — and Beyond
Kevin Davies Kevin Davies, Ph.D., Author, The $1,000 Genome; Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT World
The field of genome analysis has undergone a revolution in recent years. Next-generation sequencing technologies have dropped the cost of sequencing a human genome from about $1 million in 2007 to less than $10,000 in 2010, with new third- and fourth-generation technologies on the horizon. But will the arrival of the $1,000 genome have any meaningful impact on drug development and the practice of medicine? Kevin Davies, author of The $1,000 Genome will share his observations on the landmarks in next-generation sequencing. He will also highlight the challenges that remain in next-gen data generation, analysis and dissemination for the research and medical communities.


About the Conference:
The one scientific event for cutting-edge research, trends and analysis. The future holds great promise for molecular medicine, however the demand for results today is ever mounting, from both patients and businesses alike.  The Molecular Med Tri-Con is the place to find the tools to turn ‘someday’ into ‘now’. ATTEND. DISCOVER. APPLY. 

Molecular Med TRI-CON 2011 – a LIFE changing event