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CONFERENCE SERIES: Clinical Trials & Translational Medicine

Recorded at: Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

Digital Course: Best Practices in Translational & Personalized Medicine


Order DVD2011 SC3 DVD Cover About this Product:
Award-winner speakers from the 2010 Bio-IT World Best Practices competition—including the winners of the 2010 Judges’ Prize and the 2010 Best Practice in Personalized & Translational Medicine—will give attendees an in-depth look at cutting edge solutions and techniques for advancing translational medicine research. Going beyond the original entries, Best Practices winners will give updates, answer questions, and share the secrets to their programs’ success. This course provides you with an opportunity to “go behind the curtain” and see why our judges chose these entries as the best of the best.


Bonus Footage 

This digital course includes two bonus presentations including: “Deconstructing the Drug Development Process: The New Face of Innovation” and “To the $1,000 Genome — and Beyond”

About this Product:
4 Presentations
Over 126 Slides
146 Minutes
Individual Copy: $345
Site License: $1380

Agenda At A Glance: 

  • Real world solutions currently in place in pharma, research institutions, and academia
  • Tools for enabling better and faster clinical research
  • Ways to bridge the gap between bench and bedside
  • Informatics solutions that link data from the clinic with cutting edge research


Semantic Data Integration, Knowledge Building and Sharing Applied to Biomarker Discovery and Patient Screening for Pre-Symptomatic Heart, Lung or Kidney Failure in Transplantation Medicine
Raymond Ng DVD Raymond Ng, CIO, PROOF Centre of Excellence 

Biography: Dr. Raymond Ng is a professor in computer science at UBC. He is internationally renowned for his data mining studies. He has published over 100 journal and conference papers covering a broad range of topics in informatics, data mining and databases. He has won Best Paper awards from the ACM SIGKDD conference on data mining and the ACM SIGMOD conference on database management. For the past few years, Dr Ng is one of the editors of two top database journals worldwide - the VLDB Journal and the IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. He was a general chair of ACM SIGMOD 2008 and a program chair of IEEE ICDE 2009.

The Fastest, Most Effective Way to Connect With Life Science Service Providers

Jae Chung Jae Chung, Founder and CEO, goBalto 

Biography: Jae is the founder and CEO of goBalto, the easiest way to start your clinical study on the web. Jae believes clinical research can be made more efficient using simple, easyto-use yet powerful online tools and implement lean startup and customer development methodologies to make it happen. His mission is to deliver solutions the Internet generation has grown accustomed to, but for clinical research. Before goBalto, Jae co-founded Celltrion (TCKR: 068270:KS), a leading biopharmaceutical group. In a prior life, he earned a paycheck from McKinsey & Company, received an education from NYU Stern School of Business (MBA in finance/ economics and BS in Accounting) and earned his CPA license from New York. Jae is a proud father of 3 and married to his wife of 10 years, Jennifer. When he’s not picking up after his kdis, he jogs, reads books on his iPad and listens to eclectic 80s modern rock.

Biomarker Data Integration
Guochun Xie Guochun Xie, Discovery and Pre-clinical Sciences IT, Merck & Co. 

Biography: Guochun Xie received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and M.S. in Computer Science from Michigan State University. He held a National Library of Medicine fellowship at Columbia University department of Medical Informatics and did his post-doctoral research in Genomics at Los Alamos National Lab. In 1996, he joined Merck, initially providing bioinformatics support to the Human Genetics department in searching for target genes, and later managing all bioinformatics databases and applications for Merck Research Lab. Currently he provides IT support for Biomarker and Imaging research at Merck, including supporting the Merck-Moffitt Collaboration.

Jian Wang Jian Wang, Founder & CEO,  BioFortis

Biography: Dr. Jian Wang received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Washington in 1996. After a postdoctoral post at the Carnegie Mellon University, Jian joined the biotechnology industry and grew through the ranks - first with Cellomics and then Physiome Sciences and Paradigm Genetics.  Jian joined BioFortis in 2004 as VP of Product Development and was later promoted to President and CEO.  Through his tenure in the biotechnology industry, Jian developed several commercial life science informatics products with customers in academia, government and the bio-pharmaceutical industry.  Jian delights in helping his customers unleash the power of informatics to increase their productivity in scientific and clinical research.

Looking Ahead to Future Best Practices
Chris Smith Chris Smith, Co-founder and Technical Director, Distributed Bio 

Biography: Chris Smith is the co-founder of Distributed Bio, a consultancy focused on bringing cutting edge distributed computing and high performance computing technologies and techniques to organizations doing bioinformatics. Chris spent almost 15 years as a software developer and software architect at Platform Computing, focused on integrating Platform's distributed computing middleware into various different types of high performance computing systems and applications. This gives Chris a unique ability to draw on the experiences of many different industries doing HPC when designing solutions for Distributed Bio's clients. Chris's current focus is on providing solutions for data lifecycle management, using technologies such as iRODS.

Bonus Footage:
This digital course includes two bonus presentations including:  “Deconstructing the Drug Development Process: The New Face of Innovation” delivered by Kenneth Kaitin, Ph.D., Director, Tufts Center for Study of Drug Development and “To the $1,000 Genome — and Beyond” delivered by Kevin Davies, Ph.D., Author, The $1,000 Genome; Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT World. These two talks were presented as part of the Plenary Keynote at the Molecular Med Tri-Conference.

Deconstructing the Drug Development Process: The New Face of Innovation
Kenneth Kaitin Kenneth Kaitin, Ph.D., Director, Tufts Center for Study of Drug Development
For over 30 years, the Center for the Study of Drug Development at Tufts University has documented the increasing challenge of bringing new pharmaceutical products to market. To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, research-based drug and biotech companies must not only maintain their focus on R&D efficiency and output, but they must also be able to adjust to a rapidly changing and highly volatile R&D environment. In this presentation, Dr. Kaitin will use Tufts CSDD data to document the current status of pharmaceutical R&D and explore new models of innovation.

To the $1,000 Genome — and Beyond
Kevin Davies Kevin Davies, Ph.D., Author, The $1,000 Genome; Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT World
The field of genome analysis has undergone a revolution in recent years. Next-generation sequencing technologies have dropped the cost of sequencing a human genome from about $1 million in 2007 to less than $10,000 in 2010, with new third- and fourth-generation technologies on the horizon. But will the arrival of the $1,000 genome have any meaningful impact on drug development and the practice of medicine? Kevin Davies, author of The $1,000 Genome will share his observations on the landmarks in next-generation sequencing. He will also highlight the challenges that remain in next-gen data generation, analysis and dissemination for the research and medical communities.


About the Conference:
The one scientific event for cutting-edge research, trends and analysis. The future holds great promise for molecular medicine, however the demand for results today is ever mounting, from both patients and businesses alike.  The Molecular Med Tri-Con is the place to find the tools to turn ‘someday’ into ‘now’. ATTEND. DISCOVER. APPLY. 

Molecular Med TRI-CON 2011 – a LIFE changing event