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Point of Care Diagnostics 

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Monday, February 20

8:25 am Chairperson's Remarks

8:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Investing in Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Moderator: Peter S. Miller, COO, Genomic Healthcare Strategies


Stacy A. Feld, J.D., Director, Physics Ventures

Mickey Urdea, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO, Tethys Bioscience, Inc.


  • Recent strategies for investment in point-of-care diagnostic instruments
  • The future of investment in point-of-care diagnostic instruments
  • What are the characteristics of those ventures that will be winners?
  • How will these companies get to market?
  • What surprises will we see in this field?


9:30 Networking Coffee Break with Poster Viewing

10:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Diagnostic Benefit Manager – Progress to Date

Moderator: Keith F. Batchelder, M.D., CEO, Genomic Healthcare Strategies


Felix W. Frueh, Ph.D., President, Medco Research Institute, Medco Health Solutions, Inc.

Edward Wassman, M.D., Chief Genomics Officer, Generation Health

  • How are pharmacy benefit managers and diagnostic benefit managers using molecular diagnostics and point-of-care devices in their businesses?
  • Are pharmacy benefit managers and diagnostic benefit managers really separate businesses?
  • Who is partnering with diagnostic benefit managers?  What are they doing together?
  • What barriers exist to the rapid growth of diagnostic benefit managers?
  • Where does disease management fit in?  Where do companion diagnostics fit in?


11:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Point-of-Care CEO – How Molecular Diagnostics Fit with their Instruments

Moderator: John McDonough, CEO, T2 Systems


John L. Bishop, CEO, Cepheid

John McDonough, CEO, T2 Systems

Timothy T. Stenzel, M.D., Ph.D., CSO, Quidel


  • What is your company’s view / position on molecular diagnostics?
  • How do you decide which diagnostic content to include on your PoC device first?
  • How will point-of-care molecular diagnostics fit in health care markets?
  • Will companion diagnostics have an important effect on point-of-care? Will point of care companies partner with pharma?
  • Reference labs, regional labs, research labs, hospital, clinics, physician offices, patient homes  – where do you see the most demand, current and future?

12:00 pm Close of Symposium

Day 1 | Day 2 | Download Symposium Brochure