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Integrated R&D Informatics for Knowledge Management 

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Wednesday, February 22

7:55 am Chairperson’s Remarks

Martin Leach, Ph.D., CIO, Broad Institute


8:00 Surfing the Petabyte Waves - IT Partnering for Informatics and Computational Biology at the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

Martin LeachMartin Leach, Ph.D., CIO, Broad Institute

The Broad Institute is a well known powerhouse performing ground-breaking science through the use of genomics. As the datasets grow and the analyses become larger Information Technology becomes limiting. Our IT Vision is focused around providing the best collaboration experience to Broadies and constant innovation is required to overcome the latest technical challenges. In this presentation you will learn how IT works with research at Broad to support our network of scientists and how we are leveraging innovative technologies in support of next generation sequencing and genomics research.

8:30 Disease and Translational Informatics: From Bioinformatics Playground to Critical Path

Juergen HammerJuergen Hammer, Ph.D., M.B.A, Pharma Research & Early Development Informatics; Center Head, Global Head Disease and Translational Informatics, Roche Pharmaceuticals

The remit of the Bioinformatics discipline in Pharmaceutical Firms has been undergoing significant changes in recent years: From an expert discipline of a few focusing mostly ad-hoc on particular scientific questions in Target Identification and early Validation, Bioinformatics is now becoming a foundation and critical path for Translational Sciences by connecting the pre-clinical and clinical space for a larger biomedical user community.  The presentation will summarize how Roche addresses these new challenges both internally and via precompetitive approaches.

9:00 New Approaches for Better Decisions

Anastasia ChristiansonAnastasia M. Khoury Christianson, Ph.D., Senior Director, R&D Information, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Evidence-based decisions in R&D require the availability of the right data from multiple disparate sources, the right tools from an arsenal of tools and systems, the right approaches/processes from a variety of new and legacy organizations, and the right skills and expertise, including scientists who can work across multiple disciplines, all coming together at the right time and in a coordinated fashion.  This presentation will describe new approaches to addressing common or old questions and how to leverage disparate data and skills to create valuable new knowledge.

Sponsored byAccelrys
9:30 Changing the Landscape of Laboratory Informatics Systems to Enhance the Innovation Lifecycle
Robert Brown, Ph.D., Sr. Director of Life Sciences Marketing, Accelrys
Dominic John, Ph.D., Director of Marketing, Accelrys
Optimizing the innovation lifecycle from early discovery through delivery to manufacturing is a critically important process for the success of research and development organizations. However, today the R&D stakeholders driving innovation are likely to be communicating across time zones and continents rather than across a laboratory bench. And increasingly, project participants no longer all work under the same corporate umbrella but across a network of CROs and collaborators. To be successful, organizations need an end-to-end, unified enterprise-level informatics platform for innovation lifecycle management—one that can facilitate the data integration, process automation, collaboration and information sharing required – but are instead often faced with an existing in-house informatics landscape of fractured, disparate applications that must be held together by an IT organization under increasing cost and time constraints. In this talk we will present an Accelrys solution that  directly addresses the new challenges for informatics systems in integrated innovation lifecycle management and externalization – the need for low cost solutions that allow secure collaboration across global, heterogeneous research teams that can be very easily and rapidly deployed to meet the dynamic nature of those teams. We will discuss how the solution allows organizations to realize significant productivity enhancements in their ability to orchestrate, document and manage their innovation lifecycle.

10:00 Transition to Plenary Keynote 


Plenary Keynote 

10:10 Plenary Keynote Presentation  

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11:00  Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing



12:00 pm BioAssay Ontology Facilitates Standardization, Integration and Meta-Analysis of Massive High-Throughput Screening (HTS) Datasets

Stephan Schürer, Ph.D., Center for Computational Science and Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami

We have developed BAO to enable the classification of HTS assays and data into categories related to format, design, technology, target, and endpoints.  BAO facilitates HTS meta-analysis.  HTS results are made available via a novel Semantic Web software application BAOSearch.


12:30 Social Media Analytics for Health Informatics

Christopher C. Yang, Associate Professor, College of Information Science and Technology, Drexel University

Social media captures health consumer opinions and provides a new channel of health intervention.  Social media analytics techniques on how to discover knowledge and patterns are introduced.  Opportunities of harnessing this knowledge for health intervention will also be discussed.

Sponsored byIDBS(1)1:00 Luncheon Presentation I
Science at the Bench and the Bedside: Less of a Tightrope, More of a Super Highway
Paul Denny Gouldson, Ph.D., Vice President, Translational Medicine, IDBSBench to Bedside R&D has become an information science. Increasingly diverse and distributed research and clinical communities are wrestling with higher volumes of highly context rich data. All researchers in scientific, pre-clinical, clinical and ‘real-world’ domains expect - and should have - real-time access to scientifically aware, context-rich secured information, delivered in an integrated way to mobile and tethered platforms

Sponsored byAyasdi 1:30 Luncheon Presentation II
Topological Data Analysis: A Novel Approach for the Analysis of Large and Complex Data Sets
Pek Yee Lum, Vice President, Ayasdi Inc.The amount of data today is tremendous and coupled with complexity, it almost impossible for current tools to manage. This presentation will introduce you to a novel data analysis platform that uses Topological Data Analysis to address these challenges.

2:00 Ice Cream Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing 


Plenary Keynote Panel 

2:30 Plenary Keynote Panel  

3:50 Refreshment Break & Poster Awards in the Exhibit Hall

4:25 Chairperson’s Remarks

Sandor Szalma, Head, External Innovation, Research & Development IT, J&J Pharmaceutical Research & Development, LLC

4:30 Mining Social Media Data for Actionable Knowledge

Huan Liu, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, Arizona State University

Social media differs from conventional data in many ways. Novel mining algorithms are introduced with case studies to show the intricacies of social media data, and discuss how one can use it to gain useful information and study human behavior.

5:00 Social Media as Source for New Insights for Medicinal Products

Sandor Szalma, Head, External Innovation, Research & Development IT, J&J Pharmaceutical Research & Development, LLC

The vast amount of data generated in web-based and social media presents an opportunity and challenge for regulators and health care enterprises. Opportunity to learn what the patients, health care professionals, family members, customers, users experience with respect to medicinal products such as drugs and devices. The data mining of this media is complicated by multiple factors including linguistic, sociological, psychological and cultural complications and thus poses a special challenge. Some of these opportunities and challenges will be discussed in this talk.

5:30 An Integrated Information Platform Serving Research, Development, and Commercial Needs

Paul Caron, Senior Research Fellow, eR&D; Head, Knowledge Management & Competitive Intelligence, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

An overview of a system will be presented that integrates scientific and competitive information in a way that both provides real-time updates and the ability to drill into the underlying background data. The presentation will span from philosophy to logistics to user experience.

6:00 Integrating Drug Discovery Informatics and Computational Chemistry for Project Teams

Jeff Blaney, Director, Computational Chemistry & Cheminformatics, Genentech

6:30 Close of Day

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