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2012 Videos 


Molecular Diagnostics Promo Video  

Ninth Annual 

Molecular Diagnostics 

Transforming Medicine

Personalized Diagnostics Promo Video  

Third Annual 

Personalized Diagnostics 

Impacting Clinical Medicine

Circulating Tumor Cells Promo Video  

Second Annual 

Circulating Tumor Cells 

Expediting Clinical Use

Cancer Molecular Markers Promo Video  

Sixth Annual 

Cancer Molecular Markers 

Improving Patient Outcomes

Genomic Screening and Diagnosis Promo Video  


Genomic Screening and Diagnosis of Human Diseases 

How Sequencing Will Change Medicine

Mastering Medicinal Chemistry Promo Video  

Ninth Annual 

Mastering Medicinal Chemistry Summit 

Success Stories in Applied Medicinal Chemistry

Translational Science Promo Video  

Eighth Annual 

Translational Science 

Translating Pre-Clinical & Clinical Knowledge to Success

Oncology Clinical Trials Promo Video  

Second Annual 

Oncology Clinical Trials 

Bringing Targeted & Tailored Therapey to Patient

De-Risking Drug Discovery Promo Video  


De-Risking Drug Discovery 

Strategies & Technologies for Targets & Molecules

Integrated R&D Informatics Promo Video 

Fourth Annual 

Integrated R&D Informatics & Knowledge Management 

Leveraging Data from Disparate Sources to Create Value

Bioinformatics & Cancer Informatics Promo Video  


Bioinformatics & Cancerinformatics 

Turning the Data Deluge into Meaningful Biological Knowledge

Cancer Biologics Promo Video  

Third Annual 

Cancer Biologics 

Conjugates, Multi-Specifics, Translational Studies and Novel Approaches