SC24: Connected Diagnostics: IoT, Sensors and Wearables Bring Point-of-Care Dx to the Patient

MONDAY, MARCH 11, 8:00 - 11:00 AM


Wasim Malik, PhD, Chief Digital Strategist, Roivant Sciences; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Chris Van Hoof, PhD, Director, Wearable Health Solutions, Imec
Additional Instructors to be Announced

Towards Digital Biomarkers for Clinical Diagnostics

Wasim Malik, PhD, Chief Digital Strategist, Roivant Sciences; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Digital biomarkers offer the potential to accelerate drug development and improve healthcare delivery by leveraging mobile and wearable sensing technology coupled with smart algorithms. This talk will highlight some of the key technological, clinical and commercial aspects of digital biomarkers in clinical trials and medical diagnostics, exploring their benefits and limitations through case studies in respiratory, neurodegenerative and neuromuscular disorders.

Disruptive Wearable and Ingestible Technology and Analytics for Personalized Health Management and for Disease Interception

Chris Van Hoof, PhD, Director, Wearable Health Solutions, Imec

Patient care is evolving from generic open-loop therapy to personalized closed-loop therapy. Furthermore, smart healthcare is appearing which is shifting the focus from (often late) diagnosis to early disease interception and even disease prevention. It is expected that personalized therapy, disease interception and disease prevention will require personal digital phenotyping, i.e. the use of digital and wearable and even ingestible technology to track health parameters and behavior over an extended period of time so as to identify risk factors, triggers and quantify the success of therapy. An overview of the most recent connected health solutions imec is creating for its customers will be given. Also, we will present insights gained from several ambitious clinical investigational studies that we are conducting. These rely on our innovative yet clinically proven wearable sensors in combination with contextual sensors, that are being used by both healthy people as well as patients. Wearable technology makes it possible to monitor people’s health and context in any location and give just-in-time personalized feedback.

Speaker Biographies

Malik_WasimWasim Malik, PhD, Chief Digital Strategist, Roivant Sciences; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Wasim Malik is the Chief Digital Strategist at Roivant Sciences and is responsible for strategic investments, M&A and venture incubation across the health-tech spectrum. He also holds a faculty appointment at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He is passionate about the intersection of data science, healthcare, and business strategy. He sits on the board of monARC Bionetworks and is a Mentor at Creative Destruction Lab and Dreamit Ventures.

Van_Hoof_ChrisChris Van Hoof, Senior Director, Connected Health Solutions, imec

Chris Van Hoof is Senior Director Connected Health Solutions at imec in Eindhoven and Leuven, where his teams provide innovative solutions for patient monitoring, preventive health and disease interception. Chris has taken connected health from embryonic research to a business line serving international customers. He likes to make things that really work and apart from delivering industry-relevant qualified solutions to customers, his work resulted in five startups (four in the healthcare domain). After receiving a PhD from the KU Leuven in 1992 in collaboration with imec, Chris has held positions as manager and director in diverse fields (sensors, imagers, 3D integration, MEMS, energy harvesting, body area networks, biomedical electronics, wearable health). He has published over 700 papers in journals and conference proceedings and has given over 100 invited talks. He is also full professor at the University of Leuven.

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