Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2015 Poster Presenters

Advanced Cell Diagnostics

Bingqing Zhang; Casey Kernag; Nan Su; Xiao-Jun Ma; Yuling Luo; and Daniel Kim: Fully Automated RNA In Situ Hybridization Assay with Single Molecule Detection Sensitivity on Leica Biosystems’ BOND RX System Based on RNAscope® Technology

Affymetrix, Inc.

Juan Cuevas; Alan H. Roter; Eric T. Fung; and Radha Duttagupta: Assessing Chromosomal Aberrations from Limiting Input of Cells Using Affymetrix Copy Number and SNP Arrays

Patrick Weaver; Ashla Singh; Vicky Huynh; Janani Sampathkumar; Carsten Bruckner; Bitao Liu; Lane Conn; Eric T. Fung; and Liansen Liu: Quantification of Functional DNA in FFPE Samples for OncoScan® FFPE Assay Using Real-Time PCR and USB® HotStart-IT® SYBR® Green qPCR Master Mix (2X)

Tina Chen; Ben Bolsatd; Alan H. Roter; Radha Duttagupta; Eric T. Fung; and Gargi P. Mamtora: Assessment of Mosaicism Performance for Affymetrix CytoScan® Dx Assay Using a Simulated Titration Experiment

Anju Shukla; Sumathi Venkatapathy; Chuan Chen; Carsten Bruckner; Vicky Huynh; Liansen Liu; Kent Suyenaga; Patrick Weaver; Lily Chen; Bitao Liu; Benjamin Bolstad; Mirjana Marjanovic-Alvi; Jeanette Schmidt; Eric T. Fung; and Ron Sapolsky: Molecular Inversion Probe Analysis Using OncoScan™ FFPE Assay Kit to Detect Copy Number Aberrations in Tumor DNA Samples from Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Tissue

Eric T. Fung; Carsten Bruckner; Anju Shukla; Chuan Chen; Joseph Foster; Assa Oumie; Jeanette Schmidt; Padma Sundar; Karen Spink; and Sumathi Venkatapathy: Performance of DNA Samples Derived from FFPE Slides on OncoScan™ FFPE Assay

Lane Conn; Juan Cuevas; Bina Shanbhag; Eric T. Fung; and Dirk Windgassen: Improving SNPQC Performance by Changing the Fragmentation Master Mix Formulation in the CytoScan® Assay

Alberta Health Services

Adam Chamberlin; Sergei Noskov; Bonnie Meatherall; Raymond Tellier; Maya Traykova-Andonova; Michael Drebot; and Vanessa Meier-Stephenson: Developing a Dengue Antiviral Drug via Computational-Aided Screening

AmpTec GmbH

Susanne Quabius; Rolf Jaggi; and Guido Krupp: Search for Biomarkers in Paraffin Samples: Optimised Tools for RNA Recovery and Analysis

Lisa Heinrich; Patricia Grzechnik; Susanne Quabius; Andreas Hanne; Peter Scheinert; and Guido Krupp: Application of Biomarkers in Individualised Medicine: Syn-mRNAs as Vaccination Tools in Tumor Therapy

Lisa Heinrich; Patricia Grzechnik; Andreas Hanne; Susanne Quabius; Hilke Clasen; Peter Scheinert; and Guido Krupp: Manufacturing of Synthetic IVT-RNAs: Problems and Solutions


Nikita Ustinov; Andrey Golovin; Galina Pavlova; Alexey Kopylov; and Elena Zavyalova: Parameterization of Network of Blood Coagulation Cascade Including Factor Inhibiting

Archer™ by Enzymatics

Ryan Walters; Josh Haimes; Brian Kudlow; Brady Culver; John A. Iafrate; Valentina Nardi; Kerry Lynch; Hayley Robinson; Yi Cao; Jason Myers; and Josh Stahl: Utility of PreSeq™ RNA QC Assay to Measure Amplifiable RNA During the Validation of Hematological Malignancies with the Archer™ FusionPlex™ NGS Assay

AvanSci Bio, LLC

Nils B. Adey; Dale B. Emery; Ann Greig; Derek D. Bosh; Robert J. Parry; and Nils Adey: A System to Reduce the Risk of PCR Product Contamination from Gel Loading

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals

Juliane Hundt; Maik Obendorf; Ralf Lesche; Jörn Tödling; Kati Hasenbein; Thomas Zollner; and Eva Simon: Epigenetic Profiling in Endometriosis: Laser Capture Microdissection Enables Targeted Analyses

Bastyr University

Benjamin Hawthorne; Easter Ho; and Jing Meng: Tight Junctions Modulate the Proliferation of Prostate Cancer Cells

Biomatrica, Inc.

Paul Diaz; Rolf Muller; Judy Muller-Cohn; and Heath Balcer: Automation-Friendly Saliva DNA Collection

bioMerieux SA

Sylvain Ursuegui; Christine Fossey; Thomas Cailly; Alain Laurent; Frédéric Fabis; and Ali Laayoun: Chemical Functionalization of RNA for Applications in Molecular Diagnostics

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Dimitri Skvortsov; Austin P. So; Samantha Cooper; Svilen Tzonev; Nick Heredia; and Shawn P. Hodges: Accurate Quantification and Quality Control of Illumina TruSeq Sequencing Libraries with the QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) System

Chaim Sheba Medical Center

Liat Abo-Gutstein and Esther Guetta: Identification of Trophoblasts in Maternal Blood for Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou

Po-Jen Cheng; Hsiu-Huei Peng; Nai-Chung Chang; Jang-Jih Lu; Pi-Yueh Chang; and Mei-Chia Wang: Development, Validation, and Novel Findings of Non-Syndromic Orofacial Clefts Next Generation Sequencing Panel in Taiwanese Population

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Pamela Riemer; Christine Sers; Markus Morkel; and Ekaterina Eroshok: Dissection of Therapy-Related Signaling Pathways by Transgenic Expression of Oncogenic KRAS and BRAF in the Mouse Intestine

ChemAxon Ltd.

Roland Knispel and Krisztián Niesz: Bridging Chem- and Bioinformatics, a Cheminformatics Solution for Biologics

Krisztián Niesz; Ivan Solt; and András Strácz: Solving Real Time Collaboration with Marvin Live

Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.

Charlie Weatherall; Kellan Gregory; Anna Coulon Spektor; and Barry Bunin*: Role of Collaboration in Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

Columbia University Medical Center

Stuart J. Andrews; Jane Dunning-Broadbent; Jiuhong Pang; Yung-yu Huang; Victoria Arango; Peter L. Nagy; J. John Mann; and Spiro P. Pantazatos: Whole-Exome Brain Expression Profiling in Major Depression, Suicide and Aggression

Creatv MicroTech, Inc.

Stuart S. Martin; Monica Charpentier; Saranya Chumsri; Martin Edelman; Raymond C. Bergan; R. Katherine Alpaugh; Susan Tsai; Massimo Cristofanilli; Olga V. Makarova; Peixuan Zhu; Shuhong Li; Platte Amstutz; Cha-Mei Tang; and Daniel L. Adams: Cancer Associated Macrophage-Like Cells in the Blood of Cancer Patients

Daniel L. Adams; Steingrimur Stefansson; Christian Haudenschild; Stuart S. Martin; Monica Charpentier; Saranya Chumsri; Massimo Cristofanilli; R. Katherine Alpaugh; and Cha-Mei Tang: Characterizing and Correlating CellSieve™ and CellSearch® CTCs by Cytometric Analysis

Cytogen, Inc.

Eunjoo Hwang; Ji-Hyun Uh; Dong-Hyoung Lee; Se-Hoon Lee; Joo-Kyung Park; Byung Hee Jeon; Jinseon Lee; and Myoung Shin Kim: Molecular Analysis of Cultured CTC (Circulating Tumor Cells) from Lung Cancer Patients

Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation (DGMIF)

Paola Valentini; Pier Paolo Pompa; and Joong Hyun Kim: Isothermal Women’s Cancer Diagnostics Using Functional Nucleic Acids for Resource Limited Countries

Dotmatics Limited

Jessie Gordon; Tamsin E. Mansley; and Philip Mounteney: How to Highlight Hits: Advances in Visual Data Analytics Tools for HTS Data


Iain Beehuat Tan; Kalpana Ramnarayanan; John R. McPherson; Ho Dan Liang; Yuka Suzuki; Sarah Boonhsui Ng; Su Yan; Kiat Hon Lim; Dennis Koh; Chew Min Hoe; Chung Yip Chan; Rachel Ten; Brian K. P. Goh; Alexander Y. F. Chung; Joanna Tan; Cheryl Xueli Chan; Su Ting Tay; Lezhava Alexander; Niranjan Nagarajan; Axel M. Hillmer; Choon Leong Tang; Clarinda Chua; Bin Tean Teh; Steve Rozen; Patrick Tan; and Simeen Malik: High-Depth Sequencing of Over 750 Genes Supports Linear Progression of Primary Tumors and Metastases in the Majority of Patients with Liver-Limited Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

EpigenDx, Inc.

Jessica Alexander; Mahitha Reddy; Jessica Xu; Ryan Drennan; Andrew Miller; Kesley Pinkham; Ann Meyer; and Liying Yan: Development of Quantitative and High Throughput Targeted Next-Gen Bisulfite Sequencing Panels


Bong Seok Jin; Hanjo Kim; Byung Ha Chang; Jeong Hyeok Yoon; and Youngju Seo: An Innovative Biobetter Platform, PharosDDS, for Designing a Long-Acting Human Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (PharosDDS-GCSF)

Youngju Seo; Wooseong Jeong; Byung Ha Chang; Jeong Hyeok Yoon; and Hanjo Kim: PharosQSAR: Framework Software for QSAR Application

European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Shinichi Sunagawa; Luis Pedro Coelho; Georg Zeller; Daniel Mende; Manimozhiyan Arumugam; Junhua Li; Weineng Chen; Hua Chen; Qi Pan; Binghang Liu; Junjie Qin; Jun Wang; Peer Bork; and Jens Roat Kultima: MOCAT: A Metagenomic Processing Framework for Assembly, Gene Prediction, and Functional and Taxonomic Profiling


Stanislas Ropert; François Goldwasser; Patrick Tauc; Frank Griscelli; Jérome Darbon; Marc Sigelle; and Phuong Lan Tran: Multiplex Mesofluidic Device for Simultaneous Detection of Heterogeneous Viable Subpopulations of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in Cancer Patients

Florida A&M University

Madhavi Gangapuram; Suresh Eyunni; and Kinfe Ken Redda: Synthesis of Substituted Tetrahydroisoquinolines as Anti-Breast Cancer Agents

Fluoresentric, Inc.

Bryson Green; Brian Caplin; and Brian Hicke*: An XCR™-Enabled Hand-Held Device That Amplifies 14 Copies DNA in 6 Minutes

Fluxion Biosciences, Inc.

Christine Fu; Tony Tran; Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti; and Michael Schwartz: Mutational Analysis from Circulating Tumor Cells Using Next-Generation Sequencing

Gautam Buddha University

Siya Ram and Ravi Kumar Chaudhari: New Approaches for the Development of an Effective Antipersister Therapy to Treat Multidrug Tolerant Pathogens

Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Jinyoung Byun; Younghun Han; Christopher I. Amos; and David C. Qian: Identification of Common and Unique Susceptibility Pathways Among Cancers of the Lung, Breast, and Prostate from Genome-Wide Association Studies and Tissue-Specific Protein Interactions

Genentech, Inc.

Anita Izrael-Tomasevic; Tommy Cheung; Marie Classon; David Arnott; and Tobias Maile: Quantitative Detection of Compound Induced Changes in Histone Posttranslational Modifications via Hybrid Peptide Labeling Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry


Lukasz Gasiorowski; Stefanie Herold; Giulia Gallerani; Solveigh Krusekopf; Magda Masiejczyk; Francesco Fabbri; Wojciech Dyszkiewicz; Christian Schumann; and Klaus Luecke: Enumeration and ALK Investigation of Circulating Tumor Cells in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Patients Using an Effective In Vivo Technology, the GILUPI CellCollector™

HealthTell, Inc.

Mojgan Haddad; Robert G. Kuimelis; Joseph Barten Legutki; David Smith; Owen Solberg; Kathryn Sykes; and Theodore M. Tarasow: The Immunosignature Technology: Profiling Immune Response to Disease

Horizon Discovery Limited

Farah Patell-Socha; Vicky Spivey; Shen Wei; Jonathan Frampton; Paul Morrill; and Karin Schmitt: Standardizing EML4-ALK and BRAF V600E Immunohistochemistry Testing Using Defined Reference Standards

Hadas Amit; Vicky Spivey; Jonathan Frampton; Paul Morrill; Javier Armisen; and Karin Schmitt: Using Reference Standards to Analyse the Sensitivity and Specificity of Sequencing Technologies and Pipelines

HuMurine Technologies

Jenny Rowe; Angelo Izzo; Gerold Feuer; and Prabal Banerjee: The Hu-M™ CIEA NOG Mouse®: A Novel Preclinical Platform for Testing the Efficacy of Therapeutics Against Cancer and Infectious Diseases

Imperial College London

Florian Seyfried; Julian R. Marchesi; Elaine Holmes; Jeremy K. Nicholson; Jia V. Li; and Jutarop Phetcharaburanin: 1H NMR-Based Metabolic Profiling of Biofluids from Bariatric Surgery-Operated Obese Diabetic Rats

Indivumed GmbH

Caroline Weber; Stefanie Geipel; Anne-Kathrin Poßögel; Jasmin von Erichsen; Hartmut Juhl; Kerstin A. David; and Philipp C. Uhlig: Development and Validation of HER3 and Phospho-HER3 Immunohistochemistry for Patient Stratification


Gary Schoolnik; Arun Manicam; Rituraj Singh; Kshama Jirage; Mark Miller; Nader Gamini; Tran Van; Akemi Brown; Patrick Grogan; Greg Dolganov; and Arjang Hassibi: A Novel Low-Cost Point-of-Care (POC) Molecular Diagnostic (MDx) Biochip Platform for Highly-Multiplexed Drug Susceptibility Testing of M. tuberculosis

Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

Rebeca Palacios-Corona; Victor Trevino-Alvarado; and Hugo Gomez-Rueda: Comparison of Expression, Copy Number, miRNA, and Mutation Data for Clinical Biomarker Identification in Breast and Lung Cancer Using Three Algorithms

Iowa State University

Peter J. Reilly and Yingfei Chen: Learning Big Data of Protein Crystallization Conditions: Analysis, Optimization, and Application

Johns Hopkins University

Sourav Sinha; Nadya Tarasova; and Riley Ennis: Cancer Stem Cell Antibody-Drug Conjugate Payload

Ram Prasad; Ming Li; Ishan Barman; and Santosh Paidi: Profiling the Molecular Pathology of Ovarian

Cancer with Plasmon-Enhanced Spectroscopy

Jerry Wright; Hua-Ling Tsai; Max Fischer; Allan Hess; Anne Fischer; Anthony Tufaro; and Nijaguna Prasad: Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Squamous Cell Carcinomas: Fresh-Frozen Versus Paraffin-Preserved Archival Samples

Kaohsiung Medical University

Yung-Song Wang; Hsin-Yun Cheng; and Suh-Hang Juo: Treating Acute Ischemic Stroke by MicroRNA-195

King Saud University

Asmaa A. Faden: Viruses Associated with Potentially Malignant and Malignant Oral Mucosal Lesions

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Harisha Ramachandraiah and Aman Russom: Inertial Microfluidics for Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells from Peripheral Blood for Cancer Diagnostics

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Patrik Stahl; Fredrik Salmen; Sarantis Giatrellis; Jeffrey Mold; Anna Lundmark; Joel Sjostrand; Erik Sjolund; Jose Fernandez Navarro; Jonas Frisen; Joakim Lundeberg; and Sanja Vickovic: Spatially Resolved Analysis of Differential Expression Within Single Cells

Kyung Hee University

Yan Nan Shen and Sang Hoon Kim: The Improvement of Radioresistance in Gastric Cancer Cells by Radiation-Responsive MicroRNAs

Lonza Pharma & Biotech

Djikolngar Maouyo and Gaurav Dogra: Mycoplasma Detection in Cell Culture: Towards a Rapid Analytical Paradigm

Magnetic Insight, Inc.

Patrick W. Goodwill; Bo Zheng; Kuan Lu; Justin J. Konkle; Laura R. Croft; Daniel W. Hensley; Elaine Yu; Zhi Wei Tay; Ryan Orendorff; Steven Conolly; and Anna Christensen*: Magnetic Particle Imaging: Molecular Imaging Without Radiation

Mayo Graduate School

Rebecca Nace; Lukkana Suksanpaisan; Kah Whye Peng; Stephen Russell; and Amber Miller: A Mathematically Informed Approach to Optimizing Intratumoral Delivery of Oncolytic Viruses Using Hemodynamic Alterations

McGill University

Andrea Ruchon and Karine Jacob: Incidence of the CFTR Variant p.F508C in a Cohort of Patients with CBAVD

Anie Philip; Goffredo Orazio Arena; and Shufeng Zhou: Exosomes Derived from Human Embryonic Stem Cells Reprogram Cancer Cells to a Less Malignant Phenotype

Medical Prognosis Institute

Christoffer Hother; Kirsten Grønbæk; Thomas Jensen; Anker Hansen; Michael Boe Møller; Elizabeth Ralfkiær; Peter de Nully Brown; and Steen Knudsen: Development and Blind Clinical Validation of a MicroRNA Based Predictor of Response to Treatment with R-CHO(E)P in DLBCL

MedImmune, LLC

Lisa Aschenbrenner; Bob McLaughlin; James Whiteaker; Xuan Shen; Chunfang Li; Xiaomu Chen; Carlos Balagot; David Asarnow; Hoyin Mok; Marla Chu; Weidong Hao; Qing Zhu; Katie Bernard; Humphrey Gardner; C. Kathy Wang; and David E. Tabor: Detection and Whole Genome Sequencing of Human Rhinoviruses from Hospitalized Children at High Risk for Severe Disease

Monta Vista High School

Pranav Srinivas: Integrative Network Analysis of Epigenetic and Genomic Data for Colorectal Cancer

NanoString Technologies

Brian Birditt; Ira Pekker; Rich Boykin; Jay Gerlach; Philippa Webster; and Gary Geiss: Gene Expression and CNV Analysis of FFPE Samples with nCounter Elements Reagents

Rich Boykin; Celine Ngouenet; Philippa Webster; Jay Gerlach; Joseph M. Beechem; and Irena Pekker: Multiplexed Detection of Gene Fusions with the nCounter Elements Reagents

Natera, Inc.

Bernhard G. Zimmermann; Eser Kirkizlar; Ryan Swenerton; Bin Hoang; Onur Sakarya; Nicholas Wayham; Tudor Constantin; Robert J. Pelham; Styrmir Sigurjonsson; Matthew Rabinowitz; Matthew Hill; and Zachary Demko: Detection of Single Nucleotide Variations and Copy Number Variations in Breast Cancer Samples Using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism-Targeted Massively Multiplexed PCR

Bernhard G. Zimmermann; Eser Kirkizlar; Ryan Swenerton; Bin Hoang; Nicholas Wayham; Tudor Constantin; Robert J. Pelham; Styrmir Sigurjonsson; Matthew Rabinowitz; Matthew Hill; and Zachary Demko: Noninvasive Cell-Free DNA-Based Detection of Copy Number Variations in Breast and Ovarian Cancer Samples Using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism-Targeted Massively Multiplexed PCR

National Center of Pathology

Benoit Plancoulaine; Paulette Herlin; Aida Laurinaviciene; Justinas Besusparis; Raimundas Meskauskas; Indra Baltrusaityte; Yasir Iqbal; and Arvydas Laurinavicius: Comprehensive Ki67 Immunohistochemistry in Breast Cancer Based on Hexagonal Tiling of Digital Image Analysis Data

National Cheng Kung University

Ya-Chi Lin; Joseph T. Tseng; and H. Sunny Sun: Carrier Frequency of SMN1 Duplication in Taiwanese Han Population

National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

Rachana Agarwal; Hana Odeh; Ping Guan; Helen Moore; and Latarsha Carithers: The Biospecimen Pre-Analytical Variables Program

National Institutes of Health, National Center for Biotechnology Information

Irena Zaretskaya; Ning Ma; Thomas Madden; and Jian Ye: Recent Improvements to Primer-BLAST: A Tool to Design Target-Specific Primers

National Taiwan University

Kuan Yang and Yi-Chun Liao: CTEN: A Novel Target of DeltaNp63alpha and a Promising Biomarker for Prostate Cancer

National University Hospital Singapore

Evelyn Koay; Stephen James Bent; and Chun Kiat Lee: The Human Respiratory Virome: Heroes and Villains

Norgen Biotek Corporation

Bernard Lam; Yousef Haj-Ahmad; and Moemen Abdalla: Complete Next-Generation Gene Expression Workflow for MicroRNAs from Bodily Fluids, Intracellular Vesicles and Small Sample Input - Sample Preservation, RNA Extraction, Amplification and Detection

NuGEN Technologies, Inc.

Michael Phelan; Stephanie Huelga; I-Ching Wang; Marie Eide; Luke Sherlin; Lin Pham; Doug Amorese; and Benjamin Schroeder: A Simplified Workflow for Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing

Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation

U. Giese; M. Hofner; U. Kegler; M. Weber; R. L. Buck; M. J. Laughlin; and Paul D. Slowey: Comparison of RNAPro•SAL™ Saliva Collection Versus Centrifugation for Cell-Free DNA Isolation from Saliva Specimens

OncImmune Ltd.

Celine Parsy-Kowalska; Jane McElveen; Jared Allen; Caroline Chapman; Andrea Murray; and Isabel Macdonald: Serum Autoantibodies in Ovarian Cancer

Isabel Macdonald; Natalia Hudson; Jane McElveen; Jared Allen; Catrin Middleton; Caroline Chapman; William Irving; Andrea Murray; and Celine Parsy-Kowalska: Development of a Serum Autoantibody Assay to Help with the Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Ohio State University

Jennifer Cabrera; Blake E. Hildreth III; Sankha Ghosh; Dias Kurmashev; Wael N. Jarjour; Ramiro E. Toribio; Sudarshana M. Sharma; Michael C. Ostrowski; and Heather Carey: Mapping the Transcription Factor Network Controlling Osteoclast Differentiation

Omixon, Inc.

Robert Pollok; Szilvester Juhos; Tunde Vigo; Deborah Ferriola; Jamie Duke; Szilard Voros; Bradley O. Brown; Idean Marvasty; Tim Hague; and Peter Meintjes: High-Levels of Concordance Among Sequence-Based HLA Genotyping Methods: WGS and Targeted NGS

Panagene, Inc.

Ji-Youn Han; Geon Kook Lee; Sunam Kim; Jae Jin Choi; Sung Kee Kim; and Jin Kim: Detection of EGFR T790M Mutation in Circulating Tumor DNA by Using a Novel Highly Sensitive PNA-Based Method

Paradigm4, Inc.

Alex Poliakov and Marilyn Matz: Accelerating Integrative, Tertiary Analytics with SciDB: A Scalable Scientific Database for Bioinformatics

Pennsylvania State University

Chunhua Song; Xiaokang Pan; Chandrika Gowda; Yali Ding; Sunil Muthusami; Kimberly J. Payne; and Sinisa Dovat: Ikaros and HDAC1 Define Epigenetic Signature in Leukemia


Clifford C. Hoyt; Michael Feldman; Carlo Bifulco; Bernie Fox; and James R. Mansfield*: Imaging in Cancer Immunology: Phenotyping of Multiple Immune Cell Subsets In-Situ in FFPE Tissue Sections

Pfizer, Inc.

Tao Xie: Deep Sequencing of Rapid Autopsy Tumors and Models Reveals Possible Driver Mutations Underlying Tumor Progression

Pharmatest Services Ltd.

Johanna Tuomela; Katja M. Fagerlund; Jukka P. Rissanen; Mari I. Suominen; Jussi Halleen; and Jenni Bernoulli: Towards a More Efficient Ensemble of Predictive Models for Cancer Drug Development with Special Focus on Metastatic Bone Disease

Katja M. Fagerlund; Jani A. Seppänen; Mari I. Suominen; Jussi M. Halleen; Tuula A. Salo; and Jukka P. Rissanen: Novel Human Organotypic 3D Myoma Based Invasion Assay Applicable as a Preclinical Tool for Cancer Drug Development

Promega Corporation

Rod Pennington; Doug Storts; Terri McDonnell; and Kathryn Oostdik: Evaluation of Manufacture and QC Controls for PCR Components Used in Molecular Diagnostic Assays

PROOF Centre of Excellence

Virginia Chen; Casey P. Shannon; Mandeep Takhar; Zsuzsanna Hollander; Bruce M. McManus; Scott J. Tebbutt; Don Sin; and Raymond T. Ng: A Criterion and Methodology for Assessing the Stability of Network Modules in Complex Tissues and Subject Populations

RainDance Technologies

Coren A. Milbury; Qun Zhong; Jesse Lin; Jeff Olson; Darren R. Link; Brian Hutchison; Valarie Taly; Maria Arcila; and Michael Samuels: Single Molecule PCR for NextGen Sequencing and Digital PCR Quantification of Minimal Residual Disease

Rancho BioSciences

Lynn Yieh; Tania Khasanova; Stephen Wicks; Julie Bryant; Gayle Wittenberg; and Jonathan Greene: Weighted Gene Coexpression Network Analysis of Blood Gene Expression Data Correlates Immune and Other Blood-Related Pathways with Clinical Parameters in Subtypes of Major Depressive Disorder

Ribomed Biotechnologies, Inc.

McCarthy; Patrick Cronan; and Michelle M. Hanna*: Abscription-Based Detection of DNA Methylation: Rapid Multiplex MS Readout

RNAssist Ltd.

Malcolm Bates and Andrew Goldsborough*: RNAssist Fixative and Stabilizer for Immunohistochemistry and the Recovery of High Quality RNA, DNA and Proteins

RUCDR Infinite Biologics

Michael DiCola; Stephanie Frahm; J. A. Tischfield; and Andrew I. Brooks*: Developing a Gold Standard for Nucleic Acid Quality Control: The Importance of Sample Quality and Identity in a Biorepository Setting

Ryerson University

Devika B. Chithrani; Monique van Prooijen; and Charmainne Cruje: Radiosensitization of Cancer Cells via Cancer Cell Targeting Gold Nanoparticles

San Francisco State University

Dian Li; Ten-Yang Yen; Judi Wong; Roger Yen; Bruce A. Macher; Alexandra Piryatinska; and Les Timpe: Protein Biomarker Signatures Predict Drug Sensitivity of Breast Cancer Cell Lines

San Jose State University

Birgitt Schuele and Allen Kim: Gene Engineering of the Alpha-Synuclein Gene by CRISPR/Cas9 in Parkinson’s Disease Patient-Derived Stem Cell Cultures

Sandia National Laboratories

Chung-Yan Koh; Yooli K. Light; Cameron Ball; Sarah Wheeler; William Reisen; Lark Coffey; and Robert J. Meagher: Rapid, Closed-Tube Multiplexed Detection of Viral and Bacterial Pathogens by Isothermal Amplification with Streamlined Sample Prep


Claude Dufresne: Enabling Platforms for Multiplex Diagnostics

Sichuan University

Kai Shi and Sha Liu: Indoor Pollution Influences on Childhood Acute Leukemia Pathogenesis

Yao Xiong; Liming Zhou; and Ke Xu: Identification of Novel miR-451 Regulated Genes Associated with Apoptosis by Suppression Subtractive Hybridization in Colorectal Cancer

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

David Holman; Guido Hennig; Howard Li; and Andy Ying: Performance Evaluation of New Solid Sample Types and Extraction Protocols on the Siemens Tissue Preparation Solution

Peggy Lau; Usha Vajapey; Hong Huang; Deepali Monga; Richard Nandkeshwar; Gary Kritikos; Johan Surtihadi; Gregg Gorrin; Joern Mosner; and Anita Lal: Performance of the VERSANT Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA)


Elisa Mokany; Samantha Walker; Tina Lonergan; Nicole Lima; Simon Erskine; Alison Todd; and Lit Yeen Tan: Sensitive, Specific and Highly-Multiplexed Detection of Genetic Variation

Stanford University

Christopher Earhart; Dawson Wong; Casey Hughes; Robert Wilson; Rajat Rohatgi; Shan Wang; and Chin Chun Ooi: Microchip Design for Highly Parallel, Fast Flow Rate CTC Capture and Isolation

Christopher Earhart; Casey Hughes; Richard Gaster; Chin Chun Ooi; Robert Wilson; Lisa Zhou; Eric Humke; Lingyun Xu; Stephen Willingham; Erich Schwartz; Irving Weissman; Stefanie Jeffrey; Joel Neal; Rajat Rohatgi; Heather Wakelee; Shan Wang; and Dawson Wong: Isolation and Mutational Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells from Lung Cancer Patients with Magnetic Sifters and Biochips

Suzanne Tharin; Verl B. Sithanandan; Nicole Gonzalez-Nava; Lincoln Pasquina; Aaron Wheeler; David L. Corcoran; Theo Palmer; Jeffrey D. Macklis; and Victoria Lu: Leveraging MicroRNA Controls to Develop Novel Treatments for Spinal Cord Injury

Stratec Molecular GmbH

Birgit Höding; Hans Joos; Beate Kraffert; Oliver Krätke; Uwe Schumacher; Norbert Wendt; and Christian Jurinke: A Novel Fully Automated Method for the Extraction of Circulating Cell-Free DNA from Up to 4 ml of Plasma Based on Magnetic Beads

Streck, Inc.

Stacey Morrow; Nancy D. Hanson; and Christopher M. Connelly: Detection of ESBLs, MBLs, KPCs, and Plasmid-Mediated AmpCs, in 20 Minutes or Less, Using a Rapid Multiplex PCR Approach to Screen for Antibiotic Resistance in Gram-Negative Pathogens

Sheila E. Norton; Bradford A. Hunsley; and Jianbing Qin: Stabilization of Cell-Free DNA in Urine Using a Preservative Reagent During Sample Processing, Transport and Storage

Suranaree University of Technology

Sanong Suksaweang: Next Generation of Molecular Medical Laboratory Diagnostic Tests for Thailand

Swift Biosciences

Catherine Couture; Julie Laliberte; Sukhinder Sandhu; Rachel Spurbeck; Sergey Chupreta; Cassie Schumacher; Vladimir Makarov; and Laurie Kurihara: Multiplexed Mutation Detection in Circulating Cell Free DNA and FFPE Samples

Symbient Product Development

Espir Kahatt and Luke Helm: Novel Microfluidic Normally Closed Valve, Normally Open Valve, Pumps and Reservoirs Using New Over Molded Elastomers

Taconic Biosciences, Inc.

Jiong Pei; Megan Kalbfliesh; and Leon L. Hall: Humanized Mouse Models: Improved Predictive Model for Drug Development

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Marcis Leja; Konrads Funka; Roberts Skapars; Armands Sivins; Guntis Ancans; Inta Liepniece-Karele; Ilze Kikuste; Ieva Lasina; Hossam Haick; and Haitham Amal: Detection of Gastric Premalignant Lesions Through Exhaled Breath

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Natalie Hernandez; Mu Li; Charmaine San Jose; Susan Magdaleno; and Angie Cheng: Maximize Genomic Analysis Through Dual Recovery of DNA and RNA from the Same Clinical Sample

Mark E. Shannon; Junko Stevens; and Mousumi Rath: Use of Laser Capture Micro Dissection in Conjunction with Ampliseq-RNA Workflow to Study Tumor and Normal Cell Populations

Thomson Reuters

Brett Pickett: Functional Analysis of Infection with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and a Possible Therapeutic Target

TriLink BioTechnologies, Inc.

Sabrina Shore; Natasha Paul; Richard Hogrefe; Alexandre Lebedev; and Gerald Zon: Pushing the Limits of PCR, qPCR and RT-PCR Using Hot Start dNTPs

University Hospital Cologne

Sabine Merkelbach-Bruse; Wolfgang Hartmann; Sebastian Bauer; Nancy Ratner; Hiroshi Sonobe; Jun Nishio; Olle Larsson; Pierre Åman; Florence Pedeutour; Takahiro Taguchi; Eva Wardelmann; Reinhard Büttner; Hans Ulrich Schildhaus; and Michaela Angelika Ihle: HR23b is Expressed in Sarcomas and Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors and is Associated with Response to HDAC Inhibitor Treatment in a Wide Range of Sarcoma Cell Lines

University of British Columbia

Ana Chavez-Steenbock; Wilfred A. Jefferies; and Hitesh Arora: Polymorphism in Cytoplasmic Domains of MHC Molecules: Natural Selection or Alien DNA

Iryna Saranchova; Wilfred A. Jefferies; and Samantha Ellis: Metastatic Gene Signature: Evaluating the Handwriting of a Cancer Cell

Jennifer Collins; Niels Skotte; Amber Southwell; Alba DiPardo; Betty Ng; Colin Ross; Ferdinando Squitieri; Michael Hayden; and Chris Kay: Three Huntington Disease Haplotypes Represent Targets for Allele-Specific Therapy in the Maximum Proportion of Patients

University of Calgary

Robert Shepherd; Sunyoung Park; Hyeyoung Lee; Kristina Rinker; and Kenneth Fuh: Using a Bioreactor System to Identify Biomarkers for Breast Cancer Circulating Tumor Cells

University of California, Davis

Luis Carvajal-Carmona; David Segal; and Nicole Coggins: Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? Identifying Causative Variants of Colorectal Cancer

University of California, Irvine

Xiaolong Qiu; Jered B. Haun; Guann-Pyng Li; Mark Bachman; Edward L. Nelson; and Trisha M. Westehof: Development of a Novel Micropallet Array Platform to Isolate, Identify, Collect, and Analyze Single Putative Human Cancer Stem Cells

University of California, Los Angeles

Jong Wha Joo; Pao-Yang Chen; Matteo Pellegrini; and Larry Lam: BS-Analyze: A Post Alignment and Visualization Tool for Bisulfite Sequencing

University of California, San Francisco

Brian Ruffell; Xin Chen; J. Michael Bishop; and Vladislava Juric: Oncogene-Specific Regulation of Inflammatory Responses in Tumors

University of Delaware

Adam Marsh; Jeb Connor; and Annamarie Pasqualone: GenPro: Predictive Epigenetic Biomarker Discovery

University of Illinois at Chicago

Victor Mateevitsi and Bruce Levy: Collaborating with Whole-Slide Images Using SAGE

University of Kansas

Xiaoman Hong; Sharad Mathur; Prateek Sharma; Jennifer Knapp; Lane K. Christenson; Ajay Bansal; and Jasmin Nwachokor: Differential Expression of Non-Coding RNAs in African-Americans Versus Caucasians: Implications for the Development of Barrett’s Esophagus

University of Memphis

Xiaohua Huang: Microchip-Based Isolation and Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells in a Multiplexed Fashion

University of Missouri-Columbia

Chuck Caldwell; Chi-Ren Shyu; Raghuraman Kannan; Gerald Arthur; Dmitriy Shin; and Ilker Ersoy: Quantifiability Study of EGFR-Sure Gold Nanorod Linked to an EGFR Aptamer Versus IHC

University of Otago

Chris Rawle; Chris Mason; Christy Rand; Geoffrey Tompkins; Richard Hall; Jeremie Langlet; Joanne Hewitt; Hugo Strydom; Angela Todd; Dawn Croucher; Muriel Dufour; Matthew Peacey; Sue Huang; Gail Greening; Philip Carter; and Jo-Ann Stanton: A Handheld qPCR Device for Use in the Field

University of Pittsburgh

Seyedmehdi Nourashrafeddin: Elevated Expression of the Testis Specific Gene WBP2NL in Breast Cancer

University Pierre and Marie Curie - Sorbonne University

Daniel Racoceanu: Towards Semantic Integrative Microscopy for High-Content Imaging in Digital Pathology

University of Toronto

Gustavo Graca-Limaa; Chris Vi; Joshua Campbell; Patrick T. Gunning; and Eugenia Duodu: The Use of a Lanthanide-Based Sensor for the Selective Detection of Tyrosine-Containing Proximally Phosphorylated Sites

Andrew Martin Lewis; Matthew Bancerz; Patrick T. Gunning; and Dziyana Kraskouskaya: Detection of Disease-Relevant Proximally Phosphorylated Proteins on Polyacrylamide Gels, Blotting Membranes and via Cell Imaging

Lincoln Stein and Timothy Lee: Surveying the Human Genome for Genetic Markers Associated with Chromosomal Instability in Pancreatic Cancer

Justin D. Besant; Adam Mepham; Brenda Green; Laili Mahmoudian; Thaddeus Gibbs; Ivaylo Ivanov; Anahita Malvea; Jessica Stojcic; Alison L. Allan; Lori E. Lowes; Edward H. Sargent; Robert K. Nam; Shana O. Kelley; and Reza Mohamadi: Binning and Profiling of Heterogeneous Circulating Tumor Cell Subpopulations in the xViva Chip

University of Ulsan

Seol Hwa Shin; Jae Hee Lee; Eun Jin Ju; Hye Ji Park; Si Yeol Song; Seong-Yun Jeong; Eun Kyung Choi; and Kyoung Jin Lee: Discovery of a Novel Peptide with the Abilities of Targeting Cancer and Responding by Radiation for a Personalized Drug Delivery System

University of Western Sydney

Therese Becker; Scott MacKenzie; Majid Warkiani; Stephanie Lim; Joseph Po; Paul de Souza; and Kevin Spring: The Clinical Utility of Circulating Tumor Cells in Cancer Therapy

Uludag University

Tolga Cavas; Ozgur Vatan; Dilek Yilmaz; Nilufer Cinkilic; Huzeyfe Huriyet; and Cetin Akca: In Vitro Cytotoxic and Genetoxic Effects of Colophony on Cancerous (A549) and Healthy (BEAS-2B) Lung Cell Lines

Vortex Biosciences, Inc.

J. Che; M. Dhar; C. Renier; E. Pao; J. Rao; N. Rao; J. Goldman; E. Garon; M. Rettig; R. Kulkarni; S. Jeffrey; D. Di Carlo; and Elodie Sollier: Vortex Technology for Label-Free CTC Collection

Yonsei University

Yan-Gun Suh; Seojin Lee; Jinsil Seong; and En-Jung Lee: IL-12 is a Useful Marker to Predict Clinical Outcome in Radiotherapy: Down-Regulation of IL-12 Increases Treatment Failure in Locally Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2015 Symposia
Poster Presenters

S1: New Frontiers in Gene Editing

Dharmacon, part of GE Healthcare

Emily M. Anderson; Amanda Haupt; Eldon T. Chou; John A. Schiel; Annaleen Vermeulen; Žaklina Strezoska; Hidevaldo Machado; Steve Lenger; Shawn McClelland; Anja van Brabant Smith; and Amanda Haas: Analysis of Mismatch Tolerance in a CRISPR-Cas9 System Using Synthetic crRNA and TracrRNA Shows Low Levels of Off-Target Activity

Kyoto University

Naoko Fujimoto; Noriko Sasakawa; Saya Shirai; Tetsushi Sakuma; Michihiro Tanaka; Naoki Amano; Akira Watanabe; Hidetoshi Sakurai; Takashi Yamamoto; Shinya Yamanaka; Akitsu Hotta; and Hongmei Lisa Li: Precise Correction of the Dystrophin Gene in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patient Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells by TALEN and CRISPR-Cas9

Niigata University

Masatoyo Nishizawa; Osamu Onodera; and Atsushi Shiga: Digital-Droplet PCR System Facilitates to Clone the Genome-Edited iPS Cells

S2: Circulating Cell-Free DNA

Chaum Life Center, CHA University

DongGue Shin; Sang-Woon Choi; HeeJae Joo; SeungHyuk Baik; MinKoo Park; and Kyongchol Kim: The Methylation Profile of Circulating Cell Free DNA Can Be a Novel Marker for the Early Detection of Gastric Cancer and the Effect of Surgical Resection

Korea University Anam Hospital

Jae Sook Sung; Nak-Jung Kwon; Jong Won Lee; Kap-Seok Yang; and Yeul Hong Kim: Screening of Multiplex Gene Mutations Using Ion AmpliSeq Cancer Hotspot Panel in Cell Free DNA with Lung Cancer

Personal Genome Diagnostics, Inc.

Mark Sausen; Sonya Parpart-Li; Samuel V. Angiuoli; Bryan Chesnick; Kevin Galens; Siân Jones; Maura Kadan; Lisa Kann; Karli Lytle; Derek Murphy; Monica Nesselbush; David Riley; Manish Shukla; Hatim Husain; Victor E. Velculescu; Luis A. Diaz, Jr.; and Theresa Zhang: Methods for Comprehensive Genomic Analysis of Genetic Alterations in Circulation of Cancer Patients

Promega Corporation

Douglas H. White; Molly A. Accola; William M. Rehrauer; Jeffrey Franz; Herly Karlen; Marjeta Urh; and Douglas Horejsh*: Correlation of Mutations Detected in Liquid and Tissue Biopsies

St. Anna Children's Hospital

Clemens Brunner; M. Reza Abbasi; Caroline Hutter; Ruth Ladenstein; Inge M. Ambros; Peter F. Ambros; and Sophia C. Hütter: Genome-Wide SNParray Analysis Reveals Tumor Specific Aberrations in the Plasma DNA of Pediatric Cancer Patients

Stratec Molecular GmbH

Birgit Höding; Hans Joos; Beate Kraffert; Oliver Krätke; Uwe Schumacher; Norbert Wendt; and Christian Jurinke: A Novel Fully Automated Method for the Extraction of Circulating Cell-Free DNA from Up to 4 ml of Plasma Based on Magnetic Beads

Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

Say Li Kong; Clarinda Chua; Danliang Ho; Anna H. H. Gan; Axel M. Hillmer; William F. Burkholder; Iain B. H. Tan; and Sarah B. Ng: Exome Sequencing of Serial Plasma Samples in Colorectal Cancer

S3: Genomics in Medicine

Kongju National University

Sung-Yum Seo and Yohan Han: Anti-Inflammatory and In Vitro Anti-Oxidant Activities of Novel Substituted Schiff Base Derivatives, Microwave Assisted Synthesis

Kyung Hee University

Yoon-Jin Kim and Sang Hoon Kim: Modulation of DLK1 Expression by MicroRNA-143 in 3T3-L1 Cells

University of Delaware

Adam Marsh; Jeb Connor; and Annamarie Pasqualone: GenPro: Predictive Epigenetic Biomarker Discovery

S4: Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Kaneka Corporation

Shigehiko Miyamoto; Koji Takahashi; Sotaro Sano; Jun Tomono; Hozumi Tanaka; and Takaaki Jikihara: Development Original Nucleic Acid Testing Technologies: Towards Innovative Portable Molecular Dx Platforms

University of Otago

Chris Rawle; Chris Mason; Christy Rand; Richard Hall; Jeremie Langlet; Joanne Hewitt; Huge Strydom; Angela Todd; Dawn Croucher; Muriel Dufour; Matthew Peacey; Sue Huang; Gail Greening; Philip Carter; and Jo-Ann Stanton: A Handheld qPCR Device for Point-of-Care and In-Field Diagnostics

iNDx LifeCare

Reuven Duer; Lucy H. Lu; Leyla Sabet; and Mohan Uttarwar: A Connected Point of Care Solution with Unparalleled Accuracy, Access and Affordability: Novel Platform Delivering Connected Point of Care Solution

Ohmx Corporation

A. G. Gaustad; E. J. Van Groll; R. S. Hoo; T. J. Mead; Y. P. Bao; and Dimitra Georganopoulou: Reagentless Capability of a Comprehensive Bioelectronic Platform Developed for POC Diagnostics

Oncogenesis Corporation

Nam W. Kim; Christopher Todd; Jianyu Rao; and Peter Gombrich: Point of Care Automated Detection Platform for Cervical Cancer and HPV Using Multiplex Protein Biomarkers

S5: Clinical Cancer Immunotherapy

Osaka University Hospital

Toshihiro Nakajima; Atsuhiro Saito; Atsushi Tanemura; Norio Nonomura; Yasufumi Kaneda; and Chunman Lee: Toward a Clinical Application of Pseudovirion to Cancer Therapy: Developments in the Antitumor Effect of HVJ-Envelope Vector

S6: Genomics & Sequencing Data Integration, Analysis and Visualization

Institut Curie

Nicolas Servant; Julien Roméjon; Philippe La Rosa; Georges Lucotte; Pierre Gestraud; Séverine Lair; Gérôme Jules-Clément; Florent Yvon; Alban Lermine; Patrick Poullet; Stéphane Liva; Vivien Deshaies; Maud Kamal; Christophe Le Tourneau; Emmanuel Barillot; and Philippe Hupé: Bioinformatics for Operational Personalized Medicine in Oncology: Application to the SHIVA Clinical Trial

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