Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 2nd Annual

Precision Health

Prediction, Prevention, and Early Detection for Health and Wellness



As the next step after precision medicine, we need to shift from “sick-care” to “healthcare.” Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 2nd Annual Precision Health meeting convenes the main stakeholders in advancing precision health, focusing on prediction, prevention, and early detection for individualized health and wellness. Technology innovations driving precision health include community-wide genetic screening and early disease detection and risk management, preventative health strategies, AI and digital health tools, at-home diagnostics and monitoring, personalized lifestyle, and wellness. Investment, regulatory, and market access strategies for the emerging precision health technologies will be discussed.

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Conference Programs

March 6-7, 2023

Implementing Precision Medicine

Digital Medicine

At-Home & Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Liquid Biopsy

Spatial Biology

March 7-8, 2023

Precision Health

Diagnostics Innovation and Market Access

Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Advanced Diagnostics for Precision Oncology

Single-Cell Multiomics