SC22: Digital Medicine 101

MONDAY, MARCH 2 | 8:00 - 11:00 AM


The Digital Medicine 101 conference short course will cover the basics of the field including the definitions and commonly used concepts, and will provide concrete examples of Digital Medicine tools and therapeutics in action. The short course is intended for a broad audience including professionals working in the field and also newcomers who are looking to broaden their horizons and learn more about this dynamic and quickly advancing field.


  • What is Digital Medicine?
  • Who works in the field of Digital Medicine?
  • What are high-quality measurements and why are they important?
    • Types of digital measurements
    • Utility of digital measurements
  • How digital measurements are different from conventional wet lab biomarkers
  • What are the future needs to drive the adoption of digital measurements and novel data streams?
  • What are Digital Therapeutics?
    • What is the unmet need we can address with Digital Therapeutics?
    • What are the benefits of Digital Therapeutics?
    • How do you go about developing a Digital Therapeutics soup-to-nuts: latest experiences with technical development, clinical development, regulatory development and commercial development of Digital Therapeutics


Izmailova_ElenaElena Izmailova, PhD, CSO, Koneksa Health

Dr. Elena Izmailova is a clinical scientist with a unique background bridging technology innovation, scientific strategy, and business management. Her main interests lie in biomarker discovery, development, and utilization in the context of clinical trials.

Elena is currently Chief Scientific Officer of Koneksa Health, an innovative technology company that accelerates development of new medicines by leveraging wearable technologies to collect real world data, enabling the biopharmaceutical industry to execute more efficient and successful clinical trials. Prior to her appointment with Koneksa Health, Elena led the wearable device clinical innovation group at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, where she created a comprehensive digital roadmap for technology-enabled clinical development.

Elena joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2003. At Millennium Pharmaceuticals she led cross-functional teams to develop and deploy clinical biomarker strategies and directed the bio-analysis function responsible for biomarker assay development, validation and implementation across multiple therapeutic areas and in global clinical trials. She additionally established fruitful collaborations with investigators at several major teaching hospitals, leading to discovery and characterization novel disease biomarkers, and resulting in multiple publications and conference presentations.

Elena holds PhD in Biology. She completed postdoctoral training at Massey Cancer Center/MCV and at Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. She has also held a visiting scientist position at the Whitehead Institute of MIT.

Van_Dam_JorisJoris van Dam, PhD, Head, Digital Therapeutics, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

Joris van Dam is a Digital Health intrapreneur with 15 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Research & Development, focusing on the innovative use of digital technologies to improve and transform therapeutic innovation, patient engagement, and clinical trial operations. Joris is currently leading the Digital Therapeutics initiative at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, including its collaboration with Pear Therapeutics on the development of novel Digital Therapies for the treatment of schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis.

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