Free Webinar | Translating Biomarker Literature into Novel Insights

Friday, June 11, 1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT


Webinar Overview:
Given the advancements in sequencing technology and precision medicine, there is an exponentially growing wealth of literature on predictive biomarkers in oncology. To consolidate the data, we have applied natural language processing tools to compile sources ranging from preclinical studies to regulatory approvals. We have further curated and structured the data to capture responses to more than 1,000 drugs for 3,000+ biomarkers in 150 tumor types. With the data in the VERI platform, we are applying modeling to identify novel indications and creating 3D visualization tools to accelerate insights across tumor types.


Mark Gramling, PhD
Director, Oncology

As a researcher, Dr. Gramling has examined pathways ranging from coagulation factors in breast cancer to modulators of Ras and Myc signaling in lymphoma. With LARVOL, he has focused on building software tools in areas ranging from study start up and post-marketing studies to benefits management and pharmaceutical competitive intelligence.

Vincent Guerlavais, PhD
Senior Director, Chemistry
Protagonist Therapeutics

Dr. Vincent Guerlavais has over 15 years of experience working in the biotech industry. As a medicinal chemist, Vincent has contributed to the discovery and advancement of several drugs into clinical development including the ghrelin mimetic MacrilenTM (macimorelin) and the targeted anti-cancer drug ALRN-6924.

Karna Sheth
Principal Consultant
Everett Castle, LLC

As a health economics and outcomes researcher, Karna Sheth has evaluated healthcare utilization trends using various sources for real-world evidence (payor claims, structured and unstructured clinical data, public datasets). With Everett Castle, LLC, he has supported growing healthcare businesses with team extension and consulting services. And supported Data Science teams with data visualization, outcomes analyses, and predictive modeling.


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