Below is our current speaker list for the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference. The list is organized by the area of the event that the speaker is participating in. These include Plenary Keynote, Women in Science Breakfast Panel Discussion, Precision Health Conference, Digital Health Conference, and Bio-IT World Conference & Expo WEST. Peruse the speaker list below and click on each header to view finer programming details. 


Eric Topol, MD, Founder and Director, Scripps Research Translational Institute (SRTI); Author, Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again

Thomas Westerling-Bui, PhD, Senior Scientist, Regional Business Development, Aiforia


Paul Hastings, President and CEO, Nkarta Therapeutics, Inc.

Camille Samuels, MBA, Partner, Venrock

Robin Toft, Author of WE CAN, The Executive Woman’s Guide to Career Advancement; Founder and Chairman, Toft Group Executive Search

Teresa L. Wright, MD, Staff Physician, Medicine, San Francisco Veterans Administration


Gyorgy Abel, MD, PhD, Director Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Diagnostics & Immunology & POC Testing, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Catherine Alix-Panabieres, Director, Laboratory Detection of Rare Human Circulating Cel, University of Montpellier

Ash Alizadeh, Associate Professor, Oncology, Stanford University

Leonela Amoasii, Director Research Gene Editing, Research Gene Editing, Exonics Therapeutics, Inc.

Kiana Aran, Assistant Professor, Medical Diagnostics & Therapeutics, Keck Graduate Institute

Deepti Aurora-Garg, Director Companion Diagnostics, Companion Diagnostics, Merck & Co, Inc.

Jonathan Baden, Director Pharmacodiagnostics & Precision Medicine, Pharmacodiagnostics & Precision Medicine, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Chantale Bernatchez, Assistant Professor, Melanoma Medical Oncology Research, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Gregory Berry, Director, Moelcular Diagnostics, Northwell Health Labs

Anne-Marie Boothman, Diagnostic Lead, AstraZeneca

Kristine Bordenave, Corp Medical Director, Humana

Richard Bourgon, Director & Senior Scientist, Oncology Bioinformatics, Genentech, Inc.

Scott Bratman, Assistant Professor, Medical Biophysics, Princess Margaret Cancer Center

Kris Buchanan, CEO, Phase Three Product Development

Susan Butler-Wu, Associate Professor & Director Medical Microbiology, Clinical Pathology, University of Southern California

Alexander Zhu Cao, PhD, Executive Director & Head of Clinical Biomarker Support, Translational Oncology, Merck & Co

Lon Castle, MD, CMO, Molecular Genetics & Personalized Medicine, eviCore healthcare

David Cavanaugh, MBA, VP & Partner, DeciBio Consulting LLC

Hsueh Chia Chang, Professor & Chair, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Charles Chiu, MD, PhD, Professor, Lab Medicine, University of California San Francisco

Joshua Coleman, Medical Director, ARUP Labs

Dana Crawford, Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Case Western Reserve University

Patrick Daugherty, PhD, CSO and Founder, SerImmune

Kevin Davies, PhD, Executive Editor, The CRISPR Journal, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

David Deetz, CTO & Founder, Ativa Medical Corp

Lisa Diamond, CEO, Pinpoint Science LLC

Jennifer Dien Bard, Director Clinical Microbiology Lab, Pathology & Lab Medicine, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Shivang Doshi, Director, Boston Healthcare Associates, Inc.

Brian Dougherty, Executive Director Translational Science Oncology, Translational Genomics Oncology, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Nicholas Dracopoli, PhD, CSO, Delfi Diagnostics, Delfi Diagnostics

Rob Dumanois, Manager, Reimbursement Strategy, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Gozde Durmus, Postdoctoral Fellow, Biochemistry, Stanford University

Kenneth Emancipator, MD, Executive Medical Director & Head of Companion Diagnostics, Translational Medicine, Merck & Co, Inc.

Maria Fardis, President & CEO, Iovance Biotherapeutics

Helen Fernandes, PhD, Associate Professor, Pathology & Cell Biology, Columbia University

Joseph Ferrara, President & CEO, Boston Healthcare Associates, Inc.

Kyle Fieleke, VP Bus Dev & Marketing, Bus Dev & Marketing, Klaris Diagnostics

Brian Fritz, Associate Director AMR Regional Marketing, AMR Regional Marketing, 10X Genomics

Anna Fuezery, N Sector POCT Medical Lead, Lab Medicine, University of Alberta Hospital

Birgit Funke, PhD, VP Clinical Affairs, Clinical Affairs, Veritas Genetics

Larissa Furtado, Director Molecular Pathology, Molecular Pathology, St Jude Childrens Research Hospital

Nicholas George, Scientific Manager, R&D, Streck, Inc.

Paul Gerrard, CMO & MolDX Director of Clinical Science, Clinical Science, Palmetto GBA LLC

Harry Glorikian, MBA, Healthcare Consultant

Bert Gold, Principal Consultant, Gold Standard Genetics LLC

Ralph Graeser, PhD, Senior Expert, Translational Medicine, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co KG

Hank Greely, J.D., Deane F & Kate Edelman Johnson Professor of Law & Professor, Genetics, Stanford University

George Green, PhD, Executive Director Precision Med & Head, Pharmacodiagnostics, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

David Greenberg, Associate Professor Infectious Diseases & Microbiology, Internal Medicine, University of Texas Dallas

Hisham Hamadeh, VP & Global Head Data Science, Translational Research, Genmab US, Inc.

Samir Hanash, MD, PhD, Professor, Clinical Cancer Prevention Research, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Matthew Hanna, Pathology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Anne-Renee Hartman, VP Clinical Dev, Clinical Dev, GRAIL, Inc.

Lucy Hattingh, Principal, Lucy Hattingh Consulting

David Haussler, PhD, Scientific Director & Distinguished Professor, Biomolecular Engineering, University of California Santa Cruz

Madhuri Hegde, PhD, VP & CSO, PerkinElmer Genomics

Hunter Hill, Pharmacy Manager, Delta, Kroger Health

Kenneth Hohmeier, Associate Professor Clinical Pharmacy & Director, Community Affairs, University of Tennessee Memphis

Hilja Ibert, CEO, Gentian USA, Inc.

David Issadore, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering & EleCenterical & Systems Engineering, University Of Pennsylvania

Mehdi Javanmard, Associate Professor, EleCenterical & Computer Engineering, Rutgers University

Stefanie Jeffrey, MD, John & Marva Warnock Professor, Surgery, Stanford University

Jin Jen, Professor Experimental Pathology, Lab Medicine & Pathology, Mayo Clinic & Foundation

Alexandre Juillerat, Lab Head, Cellectis, Inc.

Allison Keeler-Klunk, Instructor, Pediatrics & Gene Therapy Center, University Of Massachusetts

Shana Kelley, Distinguished Professor, Biochemistry, University of Toronto

Stephen Kingsmore, President & CEO, Rady Childrens Hospital San Diego

Jeffrey Klausner, HS Clinical Professor, Infectious Diseases, University of California Los Angeles

Donald Klepser, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice, University Of Nebraska Omaha

Michael Klepser, PharMD, Professor, Pharmacy, Ferris State University

Walter Koch, PhD, VP & Head, Global Research, Roche Molecular Diagnostics

Gerald Kost, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor & Director Clinical Chemistry, Pathology & Lab Medicine, University of California Davis

Prachi Kothari, Assistant Attending, Pediatrics, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Serguei Kozlov, PhD, Principal Scientist, Center for Adv Cancer Research, Frederick National Lab for Cancer Research, NIH NCI

Michael Lawrence, Assistant Professor, Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital

Nathan Ledeboer, PhD, Professor & Vice Chair, Pathology & Lab Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

Abraham Lee, PhD, William J Link Professor & Chair, Biomedical Engineering, University of California Irvine

Annette Leon, Director Cardiovascular Genetics & Head, Clinical Content, Color Genomics, Inc.

Keith Ligon, Associate Professor, Pathology & Neuropathology, Brigham & Womens Hospital

Michael Loeffelholz, Senior Director Medical Affairs, Medical Affairs, Cepheid

Matthew Lungren, Assistant Professor of Radiology & Associate Director, Center for AI in Medicine & Imaging, Stanford University

Mitchell Lunn, Co Director The PRIDE Study & Assistant Professor, Nephrology Medicine, Stanford University

Duncan MacCannell, CSO, OAMD, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Maksim Max Mamonkin, Assistant Professor Pathology & Immunology, Center for Cell & Gene Therapy, Baylor College of Medicine

Leidong Mao, Professor, University of Georgia

Narasimha Rao Marella, Director Biomarker Operations, Biomarker Operations, Loxo Oncology, Inc.

Peter Marks, Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research, FDA CBER

Stuart Martin, Professor, Physiology, University of Maryland Baltimore

Albine Martin, Executive in Residence, Johns Hopkins University

Trevor Martin, Co Founder & CEO, Mammoth Biosciences

Marielena Mata, PhD, Director & Lead, Diagnostic, Pfizer, Inc.

Charles Mathews, Principal, ClearView Healthcare Partners

Larissa May, Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, University of California Davis

Ron Mazumder, PhD, M.B.A., VP & Global Head Oncology Biomarker Dev, Companion Diagnostics, Genentech, Inc.

Jeanette McCarthy, Adjunct Associate Professor, Community & Family Medicine, Duke University

Kenna Mills Shaw, Executive Director, Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Michael Montalto, VP & Head, Translational Pathology & Biomarker Technologies, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Shawn Mulvaney, Researcher & Head, Surface Nanoscience & Sensor Technology, US Naval Research Lab

Christopher Myatt, Founder & CEO, MBio Diagnostics, Inc.

James Nichols, PhD, Professor, Pathology & Microbiology & Immunology, Vanderbilt University

Kari North, Epidemiology, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Marko Notar, CEO, Smart Blood Analytics Swiss SA

Thomas O'Brien, Director Translational Oncology, Translational Oncology, Pfizer

Justin O'Grady, Senior Lecturer, Medical Microbiology, University of East Anglia

Klaus Pantel, MD, Professor of Medicine & Director & Chairman, Institute of Tumor Biology, University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf

Sonya Parpart-Li, Associate Director Product Management, Product Management, GRAIL, Inc.

Scott Patterson, PhD, VP Biomarker Sciences, Biomarker Sciences, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Timothy Pearcy, Managing Director, BIOLYPH LLC

Omar Perez, Head, Precision Medicine & Diagnostics, GlaxoSmithKline

Shari Pilon-Thomas, Assistant Professor, Immunology, H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

Matthew Porteus, Professor Pediatrics, Stem Cell Transplantation, Stanford University

Victoria Pratt, PhD, Director Pharmacogenomics, Medical & Molecular Genetics, Indiana University

Saul Priceman, Assistant Professor, Hematology & Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation, City of Hope Beckman Research Institute

Girish Putcha, CMO & Director Clinical Lab, Clinical Lab, Freenome, Inc.

John Quackenbush, PhD, Chair Biostatistics & Henry Pickering Walcott Professor, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, Harvard Medical School

Bruce Quinn, Principal, Bruce Quinn Associates LLC, Individual Consultant

Prithvi Raj, Assistant Professor, Immunology, University of Texas Dallas

Julie Ramage, Director Precision Medicine, Quality Initiatives & Partnerships, AstraZeneca

Lakshman Ramamurthy, Senior Director, Global Regulatory Affairs, GlaxoSmithKline

Rajagopal Ramesh, Professor, Stephenson Cancer Center, University of Oklahoma

Debra Rasmussen, Senior Director Global Regulatory Affairs, Global Regulatory Affairs, Janssen Diagnostics LLC

Clifford Reid, CEO, Travera

Nicholas Restifo II, Executive VP for Research, Research, Lyell Immunopharma, Inc.

Andrew Rhim, Assistant Professor, Gastroenterology & Hepatology & Nutrition, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Marylyn Ritchie, Professor, Genetics, University Of Pennsylvania

Rene Robert, Director Engineering Diagnostics, Engineering Diagnostics, Ximedica

Jenny Rooke, Managing Director, Genoa Ventures

John Rossi, Director Translational Sciences, Translational Sciences, Kite, a Gilead Co

Massimo Saini, PostDoc Aceto Grp, Biomedicine, University of Basel

A Kate Sasser, Corp VP & Head, Translational Research, Genmab US, Inc.

Mark Sausen, PhD, Associate Director Clinical Genetics & Genomics, Clinical Genetics & Genomics, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Mary Savage, Senior Director Companion Diagnostics, Companion Diagnostics, GlaxoSmithKline

David Schaffer, Professor & Director, Chemical Engineering, University of California Berkeley

Gary Schoolnik, CMO, Click Diagnostics

Cecilia Schott, PhD, Head Precision Medicine, Oncology Business, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Junaid Shabbeer, Senior Lab Director, Roche Sequencing Solutions, Inc.

Julie Shaw, Clinical Biochemist & Director for POCT, EORLA, Ottawa Hospital

Elizabeth Sheppard, Senior Director Global Market Access, Global Market Access, Roche Tissue Diagnostics

KhoSeniorow Shotorbani, President & Executive Director Clinical Lab 2 0 Movement, Project Santa Fe Foundation

John Simmons, PhD, Director Translational Science & Diagnostics, Translational Science & Diagnostics, Personal Genome Diagnostics Inc

Stanley Skrzypczak, VP Corp Dev & Reimbursement, Corp Dev & Reimbursement, Guardant Health, Inc.

Ralph Snyderman, Chancellor Emeritus & James B Duke Professor Medicine, Ofc of Chancellor Emeritus, Duke University

Steven Soper, Professor & Director CBM2 Precision Medicine, Chemistry & Mechanical Engineering, University of Kansas Lawrence

Alice Soragni, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery, University of California Los Angeles

Peggy Sotiropoulou, Director R&D, R&D, Celyad

Elena Spanjaard, Global Head, Regulatory Affairs, Celyad, Inc.

Richard Spero, PhD, Co Founder & CEO, Redbud Labs, Inc.

Markus Sprenger-Haussels, Senior Director & Head, Sample Technology Dev & Life Sciences, QIAGEN GmbH

Alexander Statsyuk, Assistant Professor, Pharmacological & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Houston

Clifford Steer, Professor Medicine & Genetics & Associate Dean, Cell Biology & Dev, University Of Minnesota Twin Cities

Ester Stein, Director Corp Reimbursement, Gov Affairs, Abbott Labs

Lynn Stephenson, Marketing Manager, Diagnostic Mfg, MilliporeSigma

Shannon Stott, PhD, Assistant Professor, Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

Ryan Sullivan, Assistant Professor Medicine, Hematology & Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital

Ming Tan, Founder & CEO, Wainamics, Inc.

James Trager, CSO, Nkarta, Inc.

Nam Tran, Associate Clinical Professor, Pathology & Lab Medicine, University of California Davis

Ephraim Tsalik, Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases, Duke University

Vanessa Tumilasci, Commercial Director Bus Dev, Bus Dev, Trans Hit Biomarkers, Inc.

Katherine Tynan, PhD, President, Bus Dev & Strategic Consulting for Diagnostics, Tynan Consulting LLC

Fyodor Urnov, Associate Director, Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences

Patrik Vitazka, Senior Director Companion Diagnostics, Companion Diagnostics, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

Karl Voelkerding, MD, Professor, Clinical Pathology, ARUP Labs

Steffen Walter, Co Founder & CSO, Immatics US, Inc,.

Ping Wang, Chief of Clinical Chemistry & Director Core Lab, Pathology & Lab Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Shan Wang, PhD, Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford University

Kai Wang, Principal Scientist, Institute for Systems Biology

Shaomeng Wang, PhD, Warner Lambert Parke Davis Professor Medicine, Hematology & Oncology, University of Michigan

Michael Washburn, Senior Experimental Medicine Director & Head & Fellow, Immuno Oncology Biomarkers, GlaxoSmithKline

Andrea Webber, Principal Scientist, Discovery Pharmacogenomics, Merck & Co, Inc.

Beau Webber, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, University of Minnesota

Ingrid Wertz, Senior Scientist, Discovery Oncology & Early Discovery Biochemistry, Genentech, Inc.

Ross Wilson, Project Scientist & Principal Investigator, Innovative Genomics Institute, University of California Berkeley

Denise Wolf, Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, Lab Medicine, University of California San Francisco

David Wong, Associate Dean of Research & Professor, Dentistry & Oral Biology & Medicine, University of California Los Angeles

Season SzeShun Wong, President & CoFounder, AI Biosciences, Inc.

Adrian Woolfson, Executive VP R&D, R&D, Sangamo Therapeutics

Lawrence Worden, Principal, IVD Logix

Elizabeth Worthey, PhD, Director, Center for Computational Genomics & Data, University of Alabama Birmingham

Mahesh Yadav, Scientist, Oncology Biomarker Dev, Genentech, Inc.

Paul Yager, PhD, Professor, Bioengineering & Chemistry, University of Washington

Brenda Yanak, Global Head, Specimen Strategy and Innovation, Q2 Solutions a Quintiles Quest Joint Venture

Hoi-Ying Elsie Yu, System Director, Toxicology & Point Of Care Testing, Geisinger Health System

Vladimir Zharov, PhD, Lab Director Nanomedicine Center, Winthrop P Rockefeller Cancer Institute, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Bettina Zimmerman, Health System Strategy Leader, F Hoffmann La Roche AG


Leigh Anderson, President of Performance Services, Premier, Inc.

Ardy Arianpour, CEO & Co Founder, Seqster

Ashish Atreja, Chief Innovation & Engagement Officer & Asst Professor, Medicine & Gastroenterology & Pathology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Michael Benecky, Senior Director Global Regulatory Affairs, Precision & Digital Medicine Pharma R&D, GlaxoSmithKline

Ramsay Brown, Director, Product Science, AppliedVR

Rachael Callcut, Associate Professor Surgery, Center for Digital Health Innovation, University of California San Francisco

Yu-Feng Yvonne Chan, Senior Director Medical Affairs, Digital Medicine, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Dev & Commercialization, Inc.

Adrian Chernoff, Former Worldwide VP & Global Head R&D, Johnson & Johnson

Andrea Coravos, CEO & Co Founder, Elektra Labs

Michelle Crouthamel, Director Digital Health & Innovation, Digital Health Innovation, AbbVie, Inc.

Nirav Dalal, Senior Director Global Data Science & Analytics, Global Data Science & Analytics, Abbott Labs

Jeffrey Davis, CEO, Brand New Day

Asif Dhar, Principal & Partner, Deloitte

Ray Dorsey, Director CheT & David M Levy Professor, Neurology, University of Rochester

Maryam Gholami, VP, Chief Product Officer, Digital Innovations, Providence Health & Svcs

Mark Girardi, VP, Boston Healthcare Associates, Inc.

Chris Gough, GM, Health & Life Sciences, Intel Corp

Christopher Hartshorn, PhD, Program Director, Nanodelivery Systems & Devices, NIH NCI

Kyle Holen, Head, Dev Design Center, AbbVie, Inc.

Elena Izmailova, CSO, Koneksa Health, Inc.

Olivier Jarry, President & Chief Commercial Officer, DarioHealth

Claus Torp Jensen, Chief Digital Officer & Head, Technology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Daniel Karlin, Asst Professor, Psychiatry, Tufts Medical Center

Adam Kaufman, President & CEO, Canary Health, Inc.

Thomas Kluz, Head, Healthcare Investing, Qualcomm Ventures

Ravi Kuppuraj, Business Leader, Connected Sensing, Philips Lifeline

Matt Lasmanis, VP Technology, Technology, GlaxoSmithKline

Steven Lin, Vice Chief, Technology Innovation, Stanford University

Mila Malhotra, Digital Health Leader, Ophthalmology, Product Development Medical Affairs Personalized Healthcare and Patient Access, Roche

John Mattison, Chief Medical Info Officer Emeritus, Information Policy, Kaiser Permanente

Geoff McCleary, Director, Digital Health & Therapeutics, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Michael McSherry, CEO, Xealth

Darin Oppenheimer, Executive Director Regulatory Devices, Digital Health Solutions, Merck

Raj Pallapothu, Professor & Health Care Tech Industry Lead, University of Texas, Dallas

Joe Ritchie, Chief Commercial Officer, SensoryData Corporation

Howard Rose, CEO & Co Founder, Firsthand Technology

Ting Shih, CEO & Founder, ClickMedix

Michael Snyder, PhD, Chairman & Stanford W Ascherman Professor, Genetics, Stanford University

Joris Van Dam, Head, Digital Therapeutics, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.

Chris Van Hoof, Vice President, Connected Health Solutions, imec; Managing Director, OnePlanet Research Center

Alex Waldron, Chief Strategy Officer, Pear Therapeutics

Timothy Wright, Chief Strategy Officer, InTouch Health

Jian Yang, IT Director, Digital Health, Eli Lilly & Co

Laura Yecies, Digital Health Entrepreneur, Advisor, Rx.Health, Akili Interactive


Pankaj Agarwal, PhD, Principal Computational Biologist, BioInfi LLC

Sudeep Basu, PhD, Practice Leader, TechVision-Innovation Services, Frost & Sullivan

Thomas Bengtsson, Global Head, PHC DS Imaging, Genentech

Shruthi Bharadwaj, Senior Scientist, Future Precision Medicine, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp

Benjamin Busby, Consultant

Atul Butte, Chan & Zuckerberg Distinguished Professor, Pediatrics, University of California San Francisco

Juan Caicedo, Fellow & Principal Investigator, Broad Institute

Jie Cheng, Director Discovery & Early Pipeline Statistics, Data & Statistical Science, AbbVie

Ryan Copping, Global Head, Analytics & Personalized Healthcare Data Science, Genentech, Inc.

Jennifer Couch, PhD, Chief, Structural Biology and Molecular Applications Branch, Division of Cancer Biology and Citizen Science Coordinator, National Cancer Institute

Wade Davis, Director & Research Fellow Computational Genomics, Genomics Research Center, AbbVie, Inc.

Thomas Defay, Director Data Sciences & Genomics & Bioinformatics, Data Sciences & Genomics & Bioinformatics, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kuan-Fu Ding, Chief Science Officer, Catalytic Data Science

Jose Duca, Global Head, Computer Aided Drug Discovery, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, Inc.

Carl Dukatz, Senior Mgr, Technology R&D, Accenture

Christopher Dwan, Consultant, Life Sciences

Nasim Eftekhari, Senior Mgr, Applied AI & Data Science, City of Hope Medical Foundation

Kristen Fortney, PhD, Founder & CEO, BIOAGE Labs

Nils Gehlenborg, PhD, Asst Professor, Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School

Casey Greene, Asst Professor, Pharmacology, University of Pennsylvania

Nabil Hafez, Senior Director Product Management & Marketing, Product Management & Marketing, GeneInsight A Sunquest Co

Stefan Harrer, Program Mgr, Brain Inspired Computing Research, IBM

Mark Hulse, Chief Digital Officer, City of Hope Natl Medical Center

Howard Jacob, VP & Head, Genomic Research, AbbVie Inc

Zhaoshi Jiang, Grp Mgr & Senior Research Scientist, Bioinformatics, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Mustaq Husain Kazi, Distinguished Architect, Informatics, Genentech, Inc.

Shameer Khader, Senior Director Advanced Analytics & Data Science, Advanced Analytics & Data Science, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Faisal Khan, Executive Director Advanced Analytics & AI, Advanced Analytics & AI, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lukasz Kidzinski, CTO, Saliency AI

Devin Krotman, Director, IBM Watson AI XPRIZE

Ying (Sherry) Li, PhD, Associate Director, IT Business Partner/Translational Medicine IT, BMS

Ryan Leung, VP Strategy & Corp Dev, Research to the People

Alexander Lex, PhD, Asst Professor, Computer Science, University of Utah

Michael Liebman, PhD, Managing Director & Co Founder, IPQ Analytics LLC

Alan Louie, Research Director Life Sciences, Life Sciences, IDC Health Insights

Vani Mandava, Director Data Science Outreach, Data Science Outreach, Microsoft Research

Eric Martin, PhD, Director Computer Aided Drug Design, Computer Aided Drug Design, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

Brian Martin, Senior Principal Data Scientist & Head, Artificial Intelligence & R&D IR, AbbVie, Inc.

Annastasiah Mhaka, PhD, President, The Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAIH)

Pietro Michelucci, PhD, Director, Human Computation Institute

Rajesh Mikkilineni, Senior IT Dev, Digital Health Tech, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Michael Miller, Head, Roche Science Infrastructure, Genentech, Inc.

Parsa Mirhaji, Research Associate Professor & Director, Systems & Computational Biology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Aditya Nori, Senior Principal Researcher & Lead, Healthcare Intelligence, Microsoft Research Ltd

Eric Oermann, Director of AISINAI & Instructor, Neurosurgery, Mount Sinai Hospital

Lucila Ohno-Machado, Professor, Biomedical Informatics, University of California San Diego

Robert Patro, Asst Professor, Computer Science, University of Maryland College Park

Debra Patt, VP Public Policy & Academic Afrs & Med Oncologist, Texas Oncology Cancer Center, Texas Oncology

Corrado Priami, PhD, Founder & CSO, Microsoft Research University of Trento

Allison Proffitt, Editorial Director, Bio-IT World

Alan Pruitt, Knowledge Management Principal, Pharma Tech Dev, Genentech, Inc.

Harsha K. Rajasimha, MS, PhD, Founder, Jeeva Informatics Solutions, Inc.; Founder and Chairman, IndoUSrare; Co-Director, Rare Diseases Systems Biology Initiative, George Mason University

Deepak Rajpal, DVM, PhD, Head Bioinformatics, Translational Sciences, Sanofi

Vasu Rangadass, CEO, L7 Informatics

Arvind Rao, PhD, Associate Professor, Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics, University of Michigan

Paul Rejto, PhD, VP & Head, Translational Research, Pfizer Oncology R&D

Daniel Rubin, Professor, Biomedical Data Science & Radiology & Medicine, Stanford University

Nicholas Schork, PhD, TGen Translational Genomics Research Institute

Ajay Shah, Executive Director & Head, IT for Translational Medicine, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Celeste Shelton, Clinical Variant Scientist, ARIEL Precision Medicine, Inc.

Jenny Smith, Research Bioinformatician, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Christian Stolte, Consultant

Joseph Szustakowski, Vice President of Translational Bioinformatics, Informatics & Predictive Sciences, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Jaclyn Taroni, Principal Data Scientist, Childhood Cancer Data Lab, Alexs Lemonade Stand Foundation

Thomas Tibbitts, Senior VP Computational Discovery, Computational Discovery, Goldfinch Bio

Matthew Trunnell, VP & Chief Data Officer, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Ginger Tsueng, PhD, Scientific Outreach Project Manager, Department of Integrative, Structural and Computational Biology, The Scripps Research Institute

Geraldine Van Der Auwera, Mgr Outreach & Communications, Data Sciences Platform, Broad Institute

Nuray Yurt, Executive Director Enterprise Analytics & Data Science, Enterprise Analytics & Data Science, Novartis Oncology

Shanrong Zhao, PhD, Director Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Pfizer, Inc.

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