Tri-Conference Testimonials

"Where academics, pharmaceutical leaders, and IT companies come together to accelerate patient-centric drug discovery." Associate Business Development Executive, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

“The one conference for state-of-the-art presentations on disease mechanisms and drug development and therapeutics.”
Chief Science Officer, AMCP BBCIC, LLC

“The TRICON the has most diverse group of attendees compared to any other conference with bench researchers to bedside practitioners.”
Head of Innovation, Droice Labs

“The commercialization boot camp was the highlight of the event for me.”
Product Manager, Agena Bioscience

“The TRICON is an industry-shaping event! Bringing together top researchers and business professionals to revolutionize global health!”
Research Associate, Sysmex Corp.

“The TRICON is an excellent opportunity to keep abreast of advances made in clinical sequencing diagnostics.”
Genomic Program Specialist, Feist Weiller Cancer Center

“The TRICON provides comprehensive insight into trends in molecular diagnostics.”
Lab Director, Comenius University Science Park

“The TRICON allows you to visit with vendors in the exhibit hall, which enable me to learn about the newest Dx instruments, often times, before they even launch.”
CO-Founder and COO, Inflammatix

“The TRICON provided a fantastic experience with presentations on cutting edge science, biomarkers and diagnostics!”
Director, Elsai

“The TRICON is the best meeting to keep up to date on a broad spectrum of topics from drug discovery and development to diagnostics.”
Global Commercialization Marketing Manager, Promega

“The TRICON is great forum for sharing trends and scientific methods in Medicinal Therapies!”
Solution Consultant, Elsevier, LTD

“TRICON is one of the most important events for us to attend and be seen at. It brings together a fantastic combination of potential clients and collaborators in one great location.”
Head of Product Development, MiniFAB

“The TRICON is the most comprehensive conference in the field.”
Professor, Public Health Research Institute

“TRICON is an excellent conference with an excellent blend of hot topics and exciting technologies!”
Resident, Cedar-Sinai

“TRICON is my favorite conference: it provides annual updates for all of my interests in diagnostics, NGS, PCR, bioinformatics”
Director of Research, Roche Molecular

“Lost in Translation? TRICON helps you navigate the biomarker revolution!”
Meidcal Director, Karius

“TRICON is a fantastic convergence of industry, pharma and academia to solve today's problems and envision tomorrow's innovation.”
Sr. Research Associate, Juno Therapeutics

“I was thoroughly impressed by the topics and the specific presentations that was put together by the organization committee.”
Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco.

“The Molecular Tri-Conference is one of our top conferences we sponsor, and certainly reaches our target customer base. The quality of leads that come from this conference are very high.”
Director, Marketing Development, SeraCare

“Cancer is killing us but combination cancer immunotherapies hold great promise for cures.”
Director Biologics Potency and Functional Characterization, Gilead Sciences Inc.

“Diverse topics, educational and refreshing!”
Associate Professor, Pathology, University of Chicago

“It is a long journey from Munich to San Francisco but TRICON was worth every single hour and mile of it.”
Manager, BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH

“TRICON proved again to be stellar in communicating my research, generating leads and providing great discussion.”
Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO

“TRICON offered me great exposure to the biotech industry.”
Graduate Student, McGill University

The TRICON allows me to participate in deep discussions about what is happening worldwide on circulating tumor cells. It was the most worthwhile event I participated in the last years, because of the level of discussions and the contacts I have made.”
Researcher, Hospital AC Camargo Cancer Ctr

“I learned by example what our start-up diagnostic company needs to be doing differently to be successful while also getting ideas for new products.”
Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Most cutting edge molecular medicine conference in the world!”
Senior Director, Luminex Corp

"Excellent conference highlighting the frontiers of molecular diagnostics."
Research Scientist, Medical College of Wisconsin

“This is a great conference for bringing together industry, clinical providers, and academic researchers. It has a good balance of current medical practice and forward looking research.”
Principal Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

"This year’s meeting continued to exceed expectations by educating participants about cutting edge digital pathology trends such as regulatory updates, new guidelines, IVM, 3D, computational pathology, and the tumor microenvironment. If you want to be ahead of the curve, you should get to next year's meeting."
- Professor, Pathology & Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

“The Tri-Conference is an worthwhile event because it gave me a nice cross-section view of the field of cloud and biomedicine in academic and commercial spaces.”
- Associate Research Scientist, Taylor Laboratory, Computational Biology and Genomics, Johns Hopkins University

“The Tri-Conference captured the key topics of the moment combined with a very diverse set of attendees.”
- CCO, OmniSeq

“The Tri-Conference is one of the most productive meetings in the emerging field of sample-to-answer micro-fluid IVD due to the vast cross-section of participants.”
- CEO/Founder David Wright

“The Tri-Conference brings together the scientific and regulatory communities unlike other conferences we participate in... The intermingling of these two groups of participants always makes for a great show and excellent dialogue both at the booths and during the scientific sessions.”
- Senior Director, Business Development, KIYATEC, Inc.

“NeoGenomics received exceptional booth traffic and quality leads at the Tri-Conference. It’s the first time in my career that I’ve ran out of literature at an event.”
- Senior Manager, Global Strategic Marketing, Neogenomics Labs

“We had an all-around wonderful experience at the Tri-Con, with great conversations with the attendees and exhibitors. The presentations were excellent and provided great insight to this ever-changing market. Definitely value packed!”
- VP Sales and Marketing, AmericanBIO

“After considering exhibiting at Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference for several years, we finally decided to try it 2017. We were impressed with both the quality and quantity of leads we received during the conference. They match quite well with our expanding molecular biology and structural biology product line. We have already registered to return as an exhibitor for 2018.”
- Vice President, CFO and General Manager, DNASTAR, Inc.

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